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This is the moment film lovers have been waiting for…home cinema that truly lives up to its promise. The stunning images and the sheer screen size of the Epson EMP-TW500 will quite... Read more...literally take your breath away. Now you can at last recapture all the excitement of the silver screen in your home. Whether you're watching the latest hi-tech thriller or an old classic, the picture quality of the Epson EMP-TW500 has to be seen to be believed. The advanced LCD technology, combined with the high 1280 x 720 resolution, gives you clear, sharp images even on the biggest screen. With a screen this big, you can't help but lose yourself in the film, thanks to the 16: 9 widescreen aspect ratio. You just project onto a blank wall - or better still onto a screen - and the 1.5x powered zoom and focus will provide you with impressive images up to 300". The Epson EMP-TW500 is the perfect synthesis of form and function. Its smooth features and compact design will complement the most stylish of rooms. For maximum flexibility, the Epson EMP-TW500 has a wide brightness range of 350 - 1000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 1200: 1, ensuring your images achieve optimum contrast and image quality, regardless of the surrounding light conditions. Wherever you place the Epson EMP-TW500 - to the side, high or low - you'll always get a perfect image, thanks to the wide range vertical and horizontal lens shift. You can even sit up close for that 'front row' experience and there'll still be no shadow. The Epson EMP-TW500 connects to your DVD, TV, stereo, video, PC and games consoles, so you can watch films, sport and even play games. Use the handy remote control to follow simple on-screen menus and enjoy convenient features such as keystone correction and a Natural Image Scaling Filter - making image resizing and adjustments effortless. Even in the quietest moments of a film, nothing can disturb your enjoyment, as the Epson TW-500 is quiet and compact - enabling you to sit back and enjoy the full cinema experience without distraction. Whether watching by day or night, you'll always get rich, vivid colors with the Epson EMP-TW500. It includes the latest Epson Color Reality II technology and a 10 bit color processor for superb color management. It also provides you with a range of 6 color modes, enabling you to get the best colors and details, according to personal choice or application.

NEED Full main circuit board

Does any one have main circuit board for Epson EMP TW-500? or if you can direct me to a manufacturer or re-seller. Epson customer support is pathetic at best.. most of their "authorized dealers" don't even know that this product exists

Great product lousy customer support.. would never buy Epson again..

Please write to me at ayazrkhan@yahoo.com

10.04.2010 07:14

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(+) good picture quaality and good resolution.
(-) should be improve in colour sensitivity

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