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...TCP! As I used this as a child, then it must have been going for a long while. My mum didn't go much for medicines and until she became seriously ill, wasn't one for taking medication often. As children though, if my brother and I were ill the doctor then we were taken to our G.P's surgery. ... Read review

what are the side effects of TCP

I used this item on my eyebrow because i had a spot but this resulted in my hair to fall out on my eyebrow and it still hasnt grown back. please advise me what to do

27.12.2010 00:00

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Hi sherali121,

I've never had any similar problems with TCP personally and I've regularly used it on spots around my eyebrows as I often get spots there after I've plucked my eyebrows. I can't see anything on the instructions - the only warning is about swallowing the liquid. How many hairs are we talking? Even if it was just one or two, they could have come out on their accord or for some other reason?

dippykitty123 27.12.2010 00:06

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