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... I bought my Slendertone Flex after reading about it in a women’s magazine. A woman in the magazine had tested it by wearing it under her clothes during her lunchbreak at work and no-one had even noticed she was wearing it. The tester was convinced that continuous use over a number of ... Read review

should i get replacement pads or conductive gel?

what is best to use for it? replacement pads or the use of conductive gel on the pads that were already there?
i cant seem to find much info on the actual gel, but the prices of the pads arent very low!

29.07.2011 02:45

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I'd say that it's not really important which way you go for this. Personally I prefer to replace the pads every so often at least as I find they get a bit worn otherwise. One thing I would say is watch out for which pads you buy as the connector bit isn't always the same on them and I did pick up the wrong ones once which was a pain.

vialdana 31.07.2011 00:20

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Slendertone Flex BT Replacement Pads.

Slendertone Flex BT Replacement Pads.

Slendertone Flex BT Replacement Pads.

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Slendertone Flex Unisex Ab Toning System

Slendertone Flex Unisex Ab Toning System

Abdominal toning belt Clinically proven to deliver results 7 Abdominal Toning Programmes ... more

Breathable belt ergonomically designed for the
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Slendertone Flex.

Slendertone Flex.

product description slendertone flex unisex is an easy to use entry level abdominal toner ... more

that delivers strong and toned abs for men and
women use 5 times a week to see results from 8
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Slendertone Flex Belt - Unisex.

Slendertone Flex Belt - Unisex.

Slendertone Flex unisex is an easy to use, entry level abdominal toner that delivers ... more

strong and toned abs for men and women. Use 5
times a week to see results from 8 weeks. A great
way to tone and firm in the comfort of your own
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