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should i get replacement pads or conductive gel?

what is best to use for it? replacement pads or the use of conductive gel on the pads that were already there?
i cant seem to find much info on the actual gel, but the prices of the pads arent very low!

29.07.2011 01:45

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I'd say that it's not really important which way you go for this. Personally I prefer to replace the pads every so often at least as I find they get a bit worn otherwise. One thing I would say is watch out for which pads you buy as the connector bit isn't always the same on them and I did pick up the wrong ones once which was a pain.

vialdana 30.07.2011 23:20

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Slendertone Flex BT Replacement Pads.

Slendertone Flex BT Replacement Pads.

Set of 6 pads for the Slendertone flex Bottom and thigh unit

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