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... Anyway, I simply chose my newest soapy addition purely based on its price alone as to be honest I was amazed that you could buy such a product for this silly price, let alone that it would actually perform AND how on earth Tesco could make a profit in this tight margin? (not that I’ve lost ... Read review i want to export tesco products bar saop wipes body wash rolls and dippers thanks

pls let me know how possible that can be i need a respound

29.12.2011 21:18

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I would sugest either phoning 0800 505 555*
Monday tog Saturday: 9am to 6pm or sending email

mumsymary 01.01.2012 16:15

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Joyce, Where do you want to export the products to and for what reason? If it is to re-sell, I think you would need to contact Tesco directly. If it is for personal use, could you not try ordering online from Linda

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brittle1906 31.12.2011 17:54

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