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My first encounter with Costa Coffee was the Portsmouth branch, upstairs in Ottakars (now Waterstones) bookshop. A cafe inside a bookshop seemed a great idea, especially as there were armchairs bordering the cafe area where you could sit and look at books while you enjoyed your drink. Needless ... Read review

where can i get copies of the Italian street scenes which hang on the walls in Costa coffee houses ?

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09.04.2012 18:15

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A good option is to try Getty Images. You'll have to pay a fee but then again you'll have to in a conventional shop.

1st2thebar 03.04.2013 10:47

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I'm sure that Costa Coffee will be able to help you with your enquiry if you make contact with them.

Try their website contact page at or

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Bollinger28 20.04.2012 17:53

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