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Tommee Tippee Health Check Bottle When my son was a newborn he was quite unsettled in the weeks immediately after his birth. He fed little and often and it was a days work to wind him. Eventually a visit from the health visitor confirmed that he was slightly Colicky. I have to say here ... Read review

what kind of plastic they used? where can i find the explanation about this bottle?

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13.04.2012 12:11

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Ciao is a consumer review site any cannot supply specific details on the manufacture of these bottles.

Perhaps you could contact the manufacturers Tommee Tippee at or call them on 0500 97 98 99

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Bollinger28 18.04.2012 17:18

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Hi i wonder the same thing when my little girl was born, you hear all types of stuff if they are microwaved or put in boiling water that they give of chemicals etc.

but I looked on the tippee web site, they say the bottles are made from BPA free polypropylene, BPA/bisphenol A is what is sometimes given off I believe in plastic that is heated/microwaved, relatively new find and only maybe harmfull to babies.

hope this helps xx

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dingoo 15.04.2012 17:58

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