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Can never find how to redeem points since they have been with Ciao. Can somebody please help as it is frustrat

01.05.2012 15:44

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You need to click on my ciao and then it will bring up your ciao home-page. There are lots of tabs to click on and click on my account and here you will see how many points/how much cash you have. At the bottom of the page there is a button saying Redeem.

kiss_me2070 06.05.2012 14:15

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Your points take a few days to be changed into money and this is shown next to your picture under "total earnings" You need to have £5+before you can redeem your money.

To do this go to your account scroll to the bottom and click payment request you will then put in your bank details, this can take up to 5 weeks to appear in your bank account.

doriee.jay 05.05.2012 12:50

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(1) Click on the 'My Ciao' link at the top of the page.
(2) Click on 'My account balance' on the right hand side
(3) Scroll to the bottom and on the right is a link called 'payment request'

If you have over £5 in your account you will be able to withdraw it. If not there will be a notice about your balance and how much you have left to earn.

Hope that helps.

blondie54321 03.05.2012 00:53

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