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... Chemist Direct scored highly on cost, and overall were cheaper over the cost of both treatments, so I ordered from them. I was promised fast delivery, with an email being sent to me on dispatch. However 3 weeks later I was still waiting. When I rang to enquire, I was told it would be with ... Read review

i want to know that what is Chemist Direct - Discounts & Voucher Codes?

05.05.2012 08:37

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This is a websites that offers codes to get money off website purchases.

You simply go onto the site and type in for example tesco's and if they have any discount codes for it theyw ill shwo up on the list below and put them in on the tesco website at checkout.

I've used things liek this for topshop and asos a lot

doriee.jay 05.05.2012 11:57

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The question is a little ambiguous as you probably actually want to know a code of which I can not give you. Discount and voucher codes for Chemist Direct are promotional codes received by filling out certain surveys. These codes can be used for purchases from chemist direct, You can find out how to claim codes at vouchercodes,co.uk. by simply looking for chemist direct on google or any other search engine,

Attached link: http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/Ch...

jojoborne 05.05.2012 09:58

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