I am still trying to find an instruction manual for this microwave/combi.

Many thanks to the people who replied to my "problem". I have been in touch with all the suggestions that were given to me. Unfortunately I just got passed from one person to the next and at one point after answering the same questions three times they cut me off. I have been in a Currys store asking about this and they just gave me the same phone numbers and sites that I have already tried. Anybody got any new suggestions what to do next?

07.06.2012 12:47

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I have a suggestion for you that may seem a little unorthadox but is worth a try. There are a few people selling this machine on eBay. Message them and kindly ask them if they would photocopy the instruction booklet for you. Offer them two or three quid and I'm sure most would oblige. Hope this helps.

jojoborne 11.06.2012 07:07

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Here is Belling's contact us page http://www.belling.co.uk/Contact-Us/

You can e-mail or phone them about your enquiry I'm sure they would be happy to send you a replacement.

retrodean 08.06.2012 13:53

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