Hi there, Is this dvd playable on a Region 2 dvd player? Regards, Fred

25.06.2012 20:11

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Hi, I know your question has been answered several times but i guess i am trying to be helpful and increase my profits and word count. Well anways getting back to answering your question: Yes it should be, although if a key is required on some devices it will be 0-0-0-0

imy.khan 11.07.2012 00:27

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just found this dvd online and it should always tell you on the description what region it is, this dvd is region 2 i have put on a link for you and it states this for you

hope this helps

thank you

Attached link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fortress...

zoebarbiebubz 28.06.2012 17:30

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No this cannot be played in Region 2 dvd player, though you can play it on a computer with VLC Media Player .VLC ignores region coding.

aethys 27.06.2012 03:46

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If it has a BBFC certificate (which it seems to, it's visible on the cover) then that means it will be an official UK release. So it will certainly work on region 2 players, yes.

hogsflesh 26.06.2012 17:02

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The link is to Amazon UK, so unless stated otherwise, if you bought it from there, it would be playable on a Region 2 player. However you would have to check on the back of the actual DVD to see where it can be played. The same film in the same box may also be available for other regions.

Kukana 26.06.2012 10:26

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