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Anybody using Clarks boots?


I'd like to know what models of Clarks boots are supposed to be narrower or fit tigther, please.
I can't try most of them because they are not available in my country.
I'd buy them online.
Any opinion would be great.

GarnetTop GTX.
MidfordTop GTX.
Naylor Mid GTX.
Rockie Hi GTX.
Naylor Limit.
Shapwick Manor.
Senner Rise. (This is the only model I could confirm is slightly narrow).
Midford Edge.
Motive Mix.
Rapple Fall.


26.10.2013 21:33

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Hello Bollinger28, I'm skan2 too. (new user to reply my own question).

That was the first I tried. I contacted the customer service at different countries and their replies were: Everyone’s foot is different. Read the customers reviews. We recommend ordering in a few styles on your local store...

But they don't give any useful information. In my country you can't order new models just to try them. and I don't want to buy without trying.

newskan2 28.10.2013 13:02

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Why not use Clarks website and contact them direct with regard to their narrrower fittings?

There's an online enquiry form at http://www.clarks.co.uk/contactus

Attached link: http://www.clarks.co.uk/contactus

Bollinger28 27.10.2013 17:40

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