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reveals yourself in 100 questions...

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After completing this and thinking that I was lucky that the world hadn't come to an abrupt halt I furtively searched backdated issues of this review in a bid to understand its source and the reason why the questions were so badly worded…upon finding the answer in a previous review by Garleon ... Read review

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Community Level 5Dudo_Perudo


The me, the whole me...and nothing but the me. Review with images

AdvantagesIt's used up another quality chunk of my life!

DisadvantagesChinese Whispers and Bad Translations

"...France. Its name is : Reveals yourself in 100 questions…Please, do not hesitate to correct me, I want to perfect my English. Thanks per advance." 1 - First Names: Terry 2 - Pseudo(s)? Tez, Tezza, Tel, El-Tel, TJ, Taz (still got the Tattoo), Bishop (Fathers fault), Bish-Bash (and again), Dice, D1ceman (ghost of ciao past), Dudo_Perudo and NPD (see below). 3 - Girl or boy? Last time I checked I couldn't be sure but after gaining ..." Read review

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100 Reviews = 100 Questions? Perhaps.

AdvantagesThere are some brilliant songs in there...

DisadvantagesI ramble on for too long about nothing of any interest...but please read anyway!

"Hello all of you lovely Ciaosters - and Mizzaholics alike - and welcome to my 100th review! Quite an achievement, I must say, because my attention span isn't exactly great *walks off to look at an invisible butterfly* Point taken? Anyway - I figured that since this is my 100th review, it would be nice to do the 'Reveal Yourself In 100 Questions' task. Some of these answers might be slightly bizarre but I hope that you'll have read some of my previous ..." Read review

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In A Nutshell. Review with images



"I thought it was about time to post a review all about myself. After all, I have been on this site for over a year now and although i've posted some reviews in the cafe and about bits of my life, i've never actually posted an all round review...so here we are. Enjoy! *** 1. '''Full name''': Laura Elizabeth McInnes. I was named after my mums best friend who died from carbon monoxide poisoning along with her whole family when she was at high ..." Read review

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Community Level 3daisyleee


Dishing the dirt :)


DisadvantagesGot bored of the questionnare, bad questions

" I'm bored & decided to do this after reading a few other Ciao member's versions. Mine will most likely be boring but still, any reads would be nice because i don't feel like i know many people on here and they don't know me behind my username. Anyway, i'm rambling. Here goes! :) 1. First Names Aimee. Daisy is my middle name but i prefer it because it's prettier. My full name is Aimee Daisy-Leigh Howards. 2. Pseudo(s)? Day, Leighleigh (my little ..." Read review

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Community Level 5britum2000


I Reveal Myself in 100 Questions

AdvantagesThis took a long time to do

DisadvantagesThis may take a long time to read

"1 - First Names: Brian which is of Celtic, Gaelic or Irish origin and means 'strong'. What inspired my loving parents to call me this I cannot say; I am not impressively strong and not particularly strong willed. If I focus and prepare my mind and body properly, I can, however crush plastic cups and rip tissues clean in half. And if I really work myself up into a Hulk type frenzy, I have been known to crush the odd grape just for the hell of it ..." Read review

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