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published 02/06/2006 | torr
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"The colour of truth is grey." (Andre Gide)
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"Sheer self-indulgence"

Amazing, a challenge category I haven't already done. That's asking for trouble.

I make no excuses for succumbing to this one. Don't read it if you already know as much as - or more than - you want to about me. Equally I accept that there's really no excuse for such self-indulgence.

Apparently this challenge questionnaire was set in motion by someone from France, hence the eccentrically-worded questions. I haven't tried to amend the wording, though, because it sometimes paves the way for eccentrically-worded answers, which are often the only answers to occur to me. What I have done is some sub-editing, to remove some of questions that either (i) I have already answered in other challenges, or (ii) to which the honest answers seemed too boring to contemplate, whilst my imagination wasn't up to concocting dishonest ones.

This means there are fewer than 100 of the original questions left, but before you reach for the OT button, kindly note that I've supplemented them with questions from other challenges, and responded in some places with questions of my own, to make up the requisite number in the topic title.

3 - Girl ou boy?
Boy. Or I was, about 50 years ago.

4 - Living town?
Maidstone. A pleasant enough though unexciting place. Excitement no longer much appeals.

5 - Size?
I don't know. Does it matter?

7 - Colour of hair?
Matches my Ciao dot. Somehow I doubt that either is ever destined to turn gold.

8 - Colour of the eyes?
Morning or evening? Whites or yolks? Even the whites aren't very white at the wrong time of day.

9 - Employment / current occupation?
98% retired. Seems about the right work/life balance to me, give or take 2%.

11 - I like/love?
Life. Family, pets and friends. Interesting acquaintances. Tolerance and good humour. Generosity of spirit. Writing. Reading and being read. Travel, nature, sport, literature, films. Good food. A few drinks. And a few more. Fun.

12 - I don't like?
People convinced of their own rightness or superiority. People who enjoy exercising power over others. People who like inflicting pain. People who believe that the end justifies the means. People who start fights.

13 - If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
I'd rather it were someone alive than dead, for reasons of hygiene as well as conversational sparkle. Apart from that, I really don't mind too much; leaving aside politicians, celebrities and those described in the preceding answer, I'd be happy to meet anybody.

14 - What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend?
Assuming I'm not travelling: watch football (or cricket in the summer), read the newspapers, go for a country walk and pub lunch, come on Ciao, see friends, have a drink and a meal in the evening. It's an uneventful life, but a pleasant one.

15 - The town/country that you want to visit ou even live in?
To visit: You name it, I want to visit it, with a few exceptions for reasons of safety only - Fallujah, Mogadishu and Moss Side for example.
To live: If I wanted to move I could have and I guess I would have, and I haven't so presumably I don't. Many places, particularly in France, Italy and New Zealand, have their appeal, but somehow I'm still here.

16 - The first thing you do when you come back from school or work?
Wonder what I've been doing at school or work, given that I gave up going to either years ago.

17 - If you were a pizza topping what would you be?
Scared of being eaten.

20 - The real TV show that you prefer?
Is any TV real? I thought its whole appeal was that it wasn't. If you mean "reality TV", then I must confess to having become guiltily hooked on The Apprentice. It made me glad I sold my Amstrad shares all those years ago, but it was compellingly watchable.

21 - The advertising that you prefer?
Humorous. Intentionally or otherwise.

25 - Have you ever known an unhappy love affair?
I doubt that anyone capable of love has never been made unhappy by it, but in my case not for a very long time.

28 - The magazine which you never miss?
Private Eye. Always good for a laugh and an insight into the misdeeds of those who rule us.

29 - Your book of bedside?
I have piles of books at my bedside, some of which I've read, some I'm reading, and some I'm hoping to get round to eventually. I'm not always sure which is which, especially after I've tripped over them.

30 - The novel of which you would have liked to be the author?
One of those that I'm still to write.

31 - Your society game (or console) favorite?
Poker - though not for stakes of any substance. I'll play most card or board games. Also snooker, pool, bar billiards, darts, croquet (but not with John Prescott; I draw the line at that).

32 - The dish which you prefer?
The one that hasn't run away with the spoon.

34 - Drink preferred?
Thought you'd never ask. I'll have a pint of whatever tange-approved bitter is on the hand-pump, please, and let's have a look at the wine-list for something to accompany the meal.

35 - Colour preferred?
White if I decide on fish, red with meat or cheese. I'm a bit conventional in that respect, though not in many others.

36 - Fetish number?
I didn't know fetishes had numbers. Perhaps we should have another look at the wine-list.

37 - The quotation which you prefer?
Generally, the cheapest one.

38 - Film counterpart which you prefer?
You mean, who would I like to play me in the unlikely biopic? Paul Newman? Jack Nicholson? Sid James? Groucho Marx? None of them would be a bit like me, of course, but I'm not sure I am either.

39 - Cult movies?
A Night at the Opera
Paths of Glory
Zazie dans le Metro
Wild Strawberries
Easy Rider
Modesty Blaise
Point Blank
The Maltese Falcon…

are a few that come to mind. Probably I've overlooked lots of other contenders.

40 - Preferred series?
The Ashes series last year was pretty good.

41 - Your more beautiful quality?
What's with the "more" rather than "most", implying that there are only two to choose from? But even two would be more than I'm usually given credit for, so maybe I should be grateful.

42 - Your worst defect?
Procrastination. Or maybe indecision. One or the other. I'll think about it later.

44 - The worst shame of your life?
You think I'm going to confess that here?

45 - The most beautiful thing(s) which one made for you by love?
My children.

46 - The thing(s) of which you are proudest?
My children.

47 - A fairy lends his magic wand to you for a wish: what you make?
A wish, of course; be a bit of a waste otherwise. Oh, you want to know what I'd wish for, but doesn't telling stop it from coming true? Ah, well, it probably wouldn't have come true anyway. I'd wish for all my wishes to come true.

48 - The first thing you do in the morning?
Sleep. The second thing is to wake up.

49 - What you think when you are not able to fall asleep the evening?
I must have gone to bed too early.

50 - What will you bring with you on a desert island??
A fully-equipped and well-supplied yacht.

51 - If you have to buy a handbook of survive, that would be which?
"How to get your yacht off a desert island."

52 - Your bedroom take fire (or is flooded, it depends of the place), what do you rescue at first?
My wife, my cats, myself. If the bedroom were flooded, it would be more likely that my wife - much the stronger swimmer - would have to rescue me. She might choose the cats, of course, though not, I hope….

53 - Quelle(s) peluche(s) partagent ton lit?
Les peluches de ma femme. I notice from my French dictionary, however, that "peluche" translates not only as "cuddly toy" but also as "bit of fluff", so I'm not quite sure this is the full answer sought.

55 - Pets?
Carlo and Franco, also known as Charlie and Franks. See pic on my Personal Homepage.

56 - You with your parents hear to you well?
My father died many years ago, alas, so I doubt he hears much at all these days. My mother's hearing is still okay, though a little selective, which she probably regards as the prerogative of her venerable age. But we understand each other pretty well.

57 - with your brother and sister?
I never had any brothers and no longer have any sisters. Which is a shame, and a sadness to me, though we were never very close.

60 - Which is the job which you dreamed to have child?
As a child, pilot. Strange, because it now has no attraction for me at all, irrespective of hi-jacking. As a teenager, poet, but that was before I discovered it wasn't a job.

61 - Why the lady is big of her belly?
Why do you think, stupid?

62 - Tell us your more beautiful memory of childhood
Coming home one Christmastide to find it raining on the Christmas tree. My parents didn't think it beautiful at all, because what I saw as "rain" was the dripping water from a burst pipe. I think it was the contrast between their feelings and mine that makes it stick in my mind.

63 - Were you already scandalmonger (to say evil of people behind their back)?
At that age, certainly not. Not now either; at least, not the malicious kind of scandalmonger described, though I don't mind swapping harmless gossip.

64 - You have the possibility of saying your four truths to the person whom you hate more in the world, that you would say to him?
Why would I give a person I hated the benefit of learning even one truth, let alone four?

65 - The insult which you say more?
Insults seldom do anyone any good, and I hardly ever initiate them. Any insult should be a spur-of-the-moment riposte to an incoming insult, so it has to be purpose-built at the time rather than prepared in anticipation.

66 - The word or expression which too often returns in your language?
Many probably, but I'm not conscious of them. May I invite anyone interested to read all my reviews and do an analysis? You can't be bothered? No, neither can I.

67- Do you speak another language than English?
I can struggle by in French, though the French often wince at my pronunciation (they'd do that anyway, I tell myself). I also speak amazing Spanish and Italian, so amazing as to be quite beyond the comprehension of Spaniards and Italians. This may be because I tend to treat them as one language rather than two, and augment my minuscule vocabulary in either with words from English and French.

68 - Have you already gone in a foreign country?
Yes, a number, but less than a quarter of all that the world has to offer. I must try to get out more, while there's still time, and still a world.

69 - The area (or the place) of England which you do prefer?
To visit, I tend to like wild (insofar as any of England is still wild) and hilly places, so: Northumberland, the Pennine fells and dales, the Welsh marches, and parts of the deep South-West. Also the Lake and Peak Districts, except that they are so oversubscribed by others who also like them. And I like Kent too, as it happens, not that it's at all wild.

70 - You have the possibility of making the farm celebrity, do it you? So yes which activity would prefer you to make?
The farm celebrity is safe from my attentions, as he or she will doubtless be relieved to hear.

72 - What you would make if you gained with the lotto?
An astonished exclamation, at having won without having entered.

73 - Where and How do you see you in 2010? In 2040?
By 2010 I doubt much will have changed in my Where and How. By 2040? - I should be so lucky as to have either.

74 - One makes it possible to you to use a "Stargate" (cf Stargate
SG1), which planet visits you of first?
Earth. The rest really do look rather inhospitable.

75 - The Earth is destroyed. You have time to flee, where you go?
Wherever is offering asylum at the time. And hope I don't get pilloried as an asylum-seeker by the local equivalent of the tabloid press.

76 - The Earth will be destroyed. Which is the last thing which you make?
A run for it. No, presumably too late for that. Amends? Probably too late for that, too. So love. "With a bang, rather than a whimper," as the poet tells us.

77 - How many children do you want?
I have two already, and that's enough for me. An old friend of mine said on this topic, after having had his first and planning his second: "when you've cut one wrist you might as well cut the other". He went on to have five, making me wonder about his grasp of anatomy.

78 - How you call them?
On the phone, unless they're within earshot. Their names are Matthew and Stephen, though each also has a family nickname that I tend to use for preference.

79 - With which resemble you?
Both, at least in some ways, or so I'm told. Not by them, of course.

80 - If you can change a part of your body, which one do you choose?
There are many parts of my body that could use a retread, but I think I'll wait till one of the critical ones reaches blowout point before deciding on a transplant.

81 - Lost boy or Pirate?
Lost Pirate.

82 - If you can have a tattoo, what?? And Where??
It would say: "I'm an arrogant wanker." On Tony Blair's forehead.

84 - What there is on your carpet of mouse?
A mouse. Fortunately, my cats don't know that's what it is and have so far spared it.

85 - Which is your bottom of screen on your ordi?
Picture of my late cat William, who was often an inspirational companion while I wrote. My friend Franks is doing his best to carry on the good work, but has yet to supplant William on the desktop.

86 - What can we find under your bed (with share the breeding of sheep)?
You may be able to find sheep breeding under my bed, but I have looked in vain. They must be very small sheep

89 - What was your resolution on the new year?
Not to make any resolutions this year.

90 - Do you do it?
No, obviously, I failed.

91 - The best gift that somebody offer to you?
Their trust.

92 - The worst gift that somebody offer to you?
"You have already won a major prize. Just ring this premium-rate line to claim…."

93 - Somebody offer to you a house. You choose an igloo, an Indian tipi, a African box, the same house as your parents, a farm?
I'm tempted by the farm. But who is this character offering me this weird selection of property? And would I have to ring a premium-rate line to claim it?

96 - the best teacher do you have?
My own experience. Which is what most of us learn from best. In fairness, among those who were paid to teach me, there were a handful of very good ones. So an acknowledgement to the inimitable late Thomas ("Freddie") Fox, who brightened the schooldays of many in the dreary establishment I attended, and encouraged an interest in history and political theory that has never left me.

97 - the worst teacher do you have?
The afore-mentioned handful apart, a few were well-meaning but hopeless, but many were not even well-meaning. Boys' boarding schools tend to attract bullies and probably worse, though I wasn't aware of any outright paedophiles.

98 - Dedication this questionnaire with somebody?
Anyone who fancies taking it on.

99 - What do you think of this questionnaire?
Better than some I've seen. At least it didn't tell me at Q98 that I failed to meet the qualifying criteria after all.

100 - You will advise it? If so, which message you would give?
It's longer than you think, but if you've got the time and stamina, why not?

Unfortunately, I don't know who originated these questions and therefore can't acknowledge them properly. Answers are © torr 2006.

Please ignore the More Details below - mandatory but irrelevant.

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    Well your dot went gold, so now I think you should dye your hair to match.
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