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published 07/12/2006 | marymoose99
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After nearly a year I have finally written a new review! Will reciprocate all reads/rates, but will take me longer than in the past!
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"What a strange questionnaire!"

1 - First Names:

2. - Pseudo(s)?
Marymoose by my online friends, Moosie by my hubby

3 - girl or boy?

4 - Towns? (Birthplace and living town)
Was born and brought up in Brentwood (which is an anagram of Bored Town) in Essex. I now live in Workington in Cumbria. Quite a change!!!

5 - Size?
I'm 5ft 4 and a half, and am not telling you what I weigh - too much!

6 - Age?

7 - colour of hair?

8 - colour of the eyes?
Hazel ish

9 - Employment / current occupation?
Admin Assistant

10- astrological and Chinese sign:
Gemini, and think I'm a rooster

11 - I like/love?
My husband, my friends and family, eating chicken, and my moose collection, being content

12 - I don't like?
People lying, losing (I'm a bad loser), failing, being scared, being depressed, not knowing

13 - If you can met one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
Myself when I was younger, to give myself a hug and tell me it was all going to be ok.

14 - What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend?
Generally catch up on sleep, watch TV, eat drink and be Mary!

15 - The town/country that you want to visit or even live in?
Loads of places I'd love to visit, especially Australia, and Canada (to meet a moose)

16 - The first thing you do when you come back from school or work
Shout "I'm home!" and take my coat off

17 - Style of music or radio that you prefer?
I go through phases. To be honest at the moment I'm not really bothered by any music, and have left my Ipod at home for months……
18 - The most beautiful song which exist for you?
Beautiful??? Probably Louis Armstong "What a Wonderful World" - had that as our first dance at our wedding.

19 - The singer, or band that you prefer?
Prefer to what? Like lots of bands and singers - Scissor Sisters, Daniel Powter, James Blunt, Catatonia, Space, Blur……and lots more

20 - The reality TV show that you prefer?
Don't really like any, but Big Brother at a push…

21 - the advertising that you prefer?
I prefer none!

22 - Are you single?

23 - If no, are you happy?

24 - if yes, are you happy?

25 - Have you ever known an unhappy love affair?
Not really. I've had unhappy times in love……

26 - How many Harlequins' collection (books) do you have?
What's that? None at a guess!

27 - Have you ever read "NOUS DEUX" (to make the bond with England, "Nous deux" is a tabloid)?
Nous means "We", "Deux" is Two……I don't know a tabloid called "We two"! It sounds really dodgy!

28 - The magazine, which you never miss?
I must miss it every week…..

29 - Your book of bedside?
Whatever I happen to be reading at the time!

30 - The novel of which you would have liked to be the author?
Geoff Nicholson's "Bedlam Burning"

31 - Your society game (or console) favourite?
What? What is a society game, is it like charades or something?

32 - The dish which you prefer?
A big one! Full of something like lasagne, or mixed meat cannelloni :o)

33 - What do you buy when you go to the faire when you are hungry?
A burger or hotdog :o), although I don't really go to the fair.

34 - Drink preferred? (Attention the abuse alcohol is dangerous for health)
Thanks for the warning about alcohol abuse. My drink of choice depends on my mood, at this time of year a huge saucepan of mulled wine does the trick!

35 - colour preferred?
I like most colours….

36 - fetish number?
59 (just don't ask!) Although I must say it is NOT a sexual fetish!

37 - The quotation which you prefer?
"And to be wroth with one we love doth work like madness in the brain." - Coleridge

38 - Film counterpart which you prefer?
I'd like to be the moose in Saltwater Moose…is that what the question means?

39 - cult movies?

40 - Preferred series?

41 - Your more beautiful quality?
I wouldn't say there's anything beautiful about me, but I'm certainly unique!

42 - Your worst defect?
Sometimes I am too blunty honest

43 - Your worst nightmare?

44- The worst shame of your life?
I try not to regret things I've done in the past as they can't be changed.

45 - The most beautiful thing which one made for you by love?
My hubby's an excellent cook, so he's made me lots of beautiful things!

46 - The thing of which you are proudest?
Learning to live with myself, and starting to like myself.

47 - A fairy lends his magic wand to you for a wish: what you make?
For the biggest moose collection in the world :o)

48 - The first thing you do in the morning?
Wake up to the sound of a moose call (it's my alarm on my phone)

49 - what you think when you are not able to fall asleep the evening?
I will be able to sleep, I can always sleep, I sleep for England!

50 - What will you bring with you on a desert island?? (5 max)?
Ooooh, I didn't know I was going to one…I'll have to get packing. Think I'll take my hubby (he knows survival skills), a load of paper and pens to write my autobiography…I don't know really….

51 - If you have to buy a handbook of survive, that would be which?
I wouldn't, my hubby already has loads!

52 - Your bedroom take fire (or is flooded, it depends of the place), what do you rescue at first?
My moose collection :o)

53 - Quelle(s) peluche(s) partagent ton lit ?

54 - What do you have on the wall of your bedroom???
A clock, a moose calendar, and a mirror.

55 - pets ?
No, they'd die, just like the parsley plant died…..

56 - You with your parents hear to you well?
They hear me because I speak quite loudly……

57 - with your brother and sister ?
They can hear me too…..

58 - Which is the cartoon which you preferred child?
I don't think I had a favourite, perhaps Jimbo….

59 - And now ?
Possibly the Simpsons, although have seen repeats too much.

60 - Which is the job which you dreamed to have child?
I wanted to be a fairy

61 - Why the lady is big of her belly ?
Because she's pregnant, or maybe she ate all the pies?

62 - Tell us your more beautiful memory of childhood
Pure happiness and no fear.

63 - Were you already scandalmonger (to say evil of people behind their back)?

64 - You have the possibility of saying your four truths to the person whom you hate more in the world, that you would say to him?
I don't hate anyone, and if I did I'd tell them exactly what I thought of them.

65 - The insult which you say more?
I have no idea……

66 - The word or expression which too often returns in your language?
Well….to be honest with you, what did you expect?

67- Do you speak another language that English?
I did French GCSE, but as this questionnaire shows I know nothing now!

68 - Have you already gone in a foreign country?
Gone where? I have been to many foreign countries, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, USA, to name just a few…

69 - The area (or the place) of England which you do prefer?
I'm getting quite partial to Cumbria!

70 - You have the possibility of making the farm celebrity, do it you? So yes which activity would prefer you to make?
The farm celebrity? I think I would be the Alpaca shearer…..

71 - If one day you become hyper famous, in which would you become famous ?
I don't want to be famous. But if I had to be it would probably be for writing or something…..

72 - What you would make if you gained with the lotto?
What would I make? A very loud noise!

73 - Where and How do you see you in 2010? In 2040 ?
In 2010 I might have my first child, we'll probably be in the same house. In 2040 our kids will be grown up and starting their own families. Me and hubby will live in a nice big house.

74 - One makes it possible to you to use a "Stargate" (cf Stargate
SG1), which planet visits you of first?
I wouldn't!

75 - The Earth is destroyed. You have time to flee, where you go?
The Moon's the nearest place, so I suppose I'd go there…..

76 - The Earth will be destroyed. You do not have time to flee. Which is the last thing which you make ?
A chicken sandwich maybe?

77 - How many children do you want ?

78 - How you call them?
By their names. Robert and Isabelle

79 - With which resemble you?
They will love moose just like me

80 - If you can change a part of your body, Which one do you choose?
I would say get thinner, but if I was really bothered I'd lose some weight!

81 - You dye yourself the hair. Which colour you choose?
I've dyed my hair various colours… seemed like a good idea at the time.

82 - If you can have a tattoo, what?? And Where??
A moose, at the top of my arm. But I don't think I will…

83 - Are you beginning, intermediary or expert when it acts of Internet?
Acts of Internet, sounds really dubious!

84 - What there is on your carpet of mouse?
This is really making me laugh now. My carpet of mouse? WTF? I'm at work, so there is a winnie the pooh scene on my mousemat.

85 - Which is your bottom of screen on your ordi?
A moose?

86 - What can we find under your bed (with share the breeding of sheep) ?
You can't find anything because I'm not going to let you look. There certainly aren't any sheep (although glow in the dark sheep on the ceiling!)

87 - How many times a week do you come on Internet? How many hours?
Lots and lots and lots

88 - What do you think about the breedings virtual on internet ?
Virtual breedings, is that like cyber-sex? In which case I don't see the point.

89 - What was your resolution on the new year ?
I had 10 resolutions, to hedge my bets.

90 - Do you do it ?
I have succeeded in over half (one was finally passing my driving test!)

91 - The best gift that somebody offer to you ?
Moose related gifts

92 - The worst gift that somebody offer to you?
Never had anything really bad that I can remember…..

93 - Somebody offer to you a house. You choose an igloo, an Indian tipi, a African box, the same house as your parents, a farm ?
I like my parent's house, but a moose farm would be nice, but then an igloo sounds like so much fun!

94 - kilos to be taken ?
Taken where

95 - kilos to loose ?
Quite a few

96 - the best teacher do you have?
I teach myself something knew every day!

97 - the worst teacher do you have ?
I have taught myself some bad things too…..

98 - Dedication this questionnaire with somebody?

99 - What do you think of this questionnaire ?
I have a Master's degree in Social Research, so from that perspective it's absolutely shocking!

100 - You will advise it? If so, which message you would give?
It's made me laugh, just because it is just do strange and ambiguous! So yeah, I'll advise it!

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  • cornishchic published 05/01/2015
    Nice read x
  • JOHNV published 02/03/2014
    Fun to read!
  • marymoose99 published 04/07/2011
    Hmmm, it's a bit sad reading this now though Chris! My plans for 2010 are definitely not what happened - hey ho!
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