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published 16/04/2011 | daisyleee
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"Dishing the dirt :)"

I'm bored & decided to do this after reading a few other Ciao member's versions. Mine will most likely be boring but still, any reads would be nice because i don't feel like i know many people on here and they don't know me behind my username. Anyway, i'm rambling. Here goes! :)

1. First Names
Aimee. Daisy is my middle name but i prefer it because it's prettier. My full name is Aimee Daisy-Leigh Howards.

2. Pseudo(s)?
Day, Leighleigh (my little cousin!), Aimz, Smellybum (my boyfriends favourite name for me. he even shouts it in public haha so embarrising)

3. Girl or Boy?
Definetly female! Although i've always wondered what it'd feel like having a willy attatched to the front of me. It's a strange thought indeed and i feel for men because of how uncomfortable it must be!

4. Towns
I was born in Denton, Manchester and we moved to Hull when i was 5 because my dad was in the army, but when my mum & dad seperated we moved to Derby for 2 years. When i was 12 we moved to hull again and my mum still lives there. I'm now in sheffield as i attend Sheffield university.

5. Size
Height wize i'm around 5'5-5'6. I have long legs and a little body lol. Clothes size is a large 8 to a small 10 although i prefer my tops to be oversized so usually wear a 12.

6. Eye Colour
One of my eyes is hazel and the other is dark green with hazel patches. I used to get bullied for this but now love it because it makes me unique!

7. Hair Colour
Naturally a light brown but it's now dark brown with an auburn hint to it :) (auburn is a reddish light brown)

8. Age
I'm 18 and will be 19 very soon!

9. Employment
I'm currently working at Sainsburys every Monday to Saturday doing night shifts. It's an okay job and suprisingly decent pay!

10. Astrological and Chinese sign:
My chinese sign is the monkey! I actually have chinese blood in me somewhere, but only a tiny percentage. I have no idea what my astrological sign is, though!

11. I Love:
Damien, my boyfriend, who i've bein with for 2 yrs. I also love my mum and the rest of my family, excluding an uncle and a couple of cousins for valid reasons. I love my 5 guineapigs and 2 dogs too lol.

12. I don't like:
Bullies. I was bullied and it destroyed my confidence and self esteem hugely. I also dont like animal cruelty as i have a rescue dog who was badly abused. I don't like cocky, arrogant people or people who shove there beliefs down peoples throats. I don't like judgemental people who are for/against abortions or judge gays etc as it's none of there business! People who walk around like they're better than everyone also annoy me aswell as people who are nice as pie to your face and then badmouth you behind your back.

13. If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
My grandad on my dads side. He died of cancer at the age of 38 a week before i was born and had tried to hold on to see me but didn't have the strength.

14. What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend???
I like going back home and love seeing my little sister who's 9 months old and playing with her etc. Also walking my dogs and going out around the city shopping and i also enjoy blogging and reviewing things. I also enjoy getting drunk!! But that's every fortnight or so as i like to look after myself and not drink too often - when i do drink i don't get paraletic, i enjoy a couple of nice glasses of rose or vodka and lemon and that'll be it for the night.

15. The town/country that you want to visit or even live in?
I've always wanted to live in Australia as it's so sunny and has lots of beaches and swimming in the sea would be amazing.

16. The first thing you do when you come back from school or work?
I always check my emails and phone messages and then charge my ipod. I get washed and changed and then go to a friends or my boyfriends for a meal or chat.

17. Style of music or radio that you prefer?
Indie, dance, pretty much any style. My favourite radio stations are galaxy & radio 1.

18. The most beautiful song, which exists for you?
Lots. My favourite most recently is the smiths - still ill as i love his voice and think his voice alone is beautiful but with the amazing lyrics it makes it such a relateable song and is just great to listen to on repeat.

19 - The singer or band that you prefer?
Adele! Her songs are beautiful and remind me of lots of things in the past, which makes me both happy & sad.

20 - The reality TV show that you prefer?
I really cant stand most reality tv shows! Most are staged, humilating and cringe worthy, however i love britains got talent because it's hilarious! Although whenever someone really bad auditions and gets put through it makes me mad!

21 - The advertising that you prefer?
Subtle, funny ones that are easy to remember and good to talk about with your friends, like Alexander Meerkat!

22. Are you single?

23 - If no, are you happy?

24 - if yes, are you happy?
Very! Before i met my boyfriend i was struggling to cope with life but now i'm happy as can be.

25 - Have you ever known an unhappy love affair?
I don't know what this means, sorry!

26 - How many Harlequins' collection (books) do you have?
Zero - i've never heard of them!

27. Have you ever read "NOUS DEUX" (to make the bond with England, "Nous deux" is a tabloid)?
I think i may of read a few pages back in year 8 french class that the teacher had brought back from her hoiday.

28 - The magazine that you never miss?
Real People. That magainze is just plain insulting & takes advantage of alot of people (in my opinion!!)

29 - Your bedside book?
"Labrador retrievers for dummies"

30 - The novel of which you would have liked to be the author?
Twilight or harry potter, due to the amount of money the author's made! No other reason.

31 - Your society game (or console) favourite?
Really can't stand games, console or not, but i did love guess who when i was younger!

32 - The dish, which you prefer?
Sweet and sour pork from my local chinese. Lovely with rice!

33 - What do you buy when you go to the fair when you are hungry?
Donuts :)

34 - Drink preferred?
Alchohol - rose
Non Alchoholic - Diet Pepsi

35 - Colour preferred?
Errm beige/chocolate brown.

36 - Fetish number?

37 - The quotation, which you prefer?
"For there are brighter sides to life and i should know, because i've seen them. But not often.."

38 - Film counterpart, which you prefer?
Not sure what this means.

39 - Cult movies?
Fight Club!!!!!! I have a review on it too if anyone's interested. :)

40 - Preferred series?

41 - Your more beautiful quality?
My personallity! I'm friendlty & polite aswell as laidback and hardworking.

42. Your worst defect?
Hate my body and face, lol.

43 - Your worst nightmare?
Getting cancer/getting run over etc.

44- The worst shame of your life?
An incident at school which scarred me for life, but i can laugh about it now.

45 - The most beautiful thing, which one made for you by love?
My little sister makes me various things; drawings, cards, etc.

46 - The thing of which you are proudest?
Not killing myself and overcoming depression.

47 - A fairy lends his magic wand to you for a wish: what you make?
A million pounds please.

48 - The first thing you do in the morning?
Wake up & get dressed.

49 - What do you think when you are not able to fall asleep the evening?
I start panicking i'll be unable to wake up in the morning because i'll be too tired.

50 - What will you bring with you on a desert island??
My ipod
A Bed
Lots of food
A Fridge

51 - If you have to buy a handbook to survive, that would be which?
"Overcoming Self Hatred"

52 - Your bedroom take fire (or is flooded, it depends of the place), what do you rescue at first?

53 - Quelle(s) peluche(s) partagent ton lit?

54 - What do you have on the wall of your bedroom???
A mirror and TV

55 - Pets?
Dogs, guineapigs and various fish including a 3 year old catfish called stewie.

56 - Do you get on well with your parents?
My mum yes.

57 - With your brother and sister?
My younger sister yeah but not my older brother!!!

58 - Which is the cartoon which you preferred as a child?
Mona the vampire.

59 - And now?
Family guy!!

60 - Which is the job that you dreamed to have as a child?
Erm mcdonalds i think!

61 - Why the lady is big of her belly?

62 - Tell us your more beautiful memory of childhood
Not having a care in the world..

63 - Were you already scandalmonger (to say evil of people behind their back)?
I'm not like that in the slightest.

64 - You have the possibility of saying your four truths to the person whom you hate more in the world, which you would say to him?
- Why did you do what you did?
- Did you not think of the consequences?
- If you hate me so much why didn't you just stay away?
- Was it my fault?

65 - The insult, which you say more?
Flump, i never insult people. If i want to insult my boyfriend i'll call him a flump (fat lump); he's one of those guys who's at the gym 5 days a week so it really annoys him! muahaha.

66 - The word or expression, which too often returns in your language?

67- Do you speak an other language than English?

68 - Have you already gone in a foreign country?

69 - The area (or the place) of England, which you do prefer?
Lake district.

70 - You have the possibility of making the farm celebrity, do it you? So yes which activity would prefer you to make?
Nope. dont know what it is.

71 - If one day you become hyper famous, in which field you famous you?

72 - What you would you buy if you won the lottery?
I have no clue! Lots of things for me/family..

73 - Where and how do you see you in 2010? In 2040?
by 2040 i'll be in my late 50's so i hope for some grandkids a nice husband and big house!

74 - One makes it possible to you to use a "Stargate" (cf Stargate)

75 - The Earth is destroyed. You have time to flee, where you go?
Erm mars.

76 - The Earth will be destroyed. You do not have time to flee. Which is the last thing, which you make?
I'd just curl up into a ball.

77 - How many children do you want?
2 boys

78 - What would you call them?
Harry and Ryan

79 - With which resemble you?
Neither hopefully. Don't want them bein bullied!!

80 - If you can change a part of your body, which one do you choose?
All of it..

81 - You dye hair yourself. Which colour do you choose?
Any?! Cheapest one i can find..

82 - If you can have a tattoo, what?? And Where??
Scarification heart on my ankle.

83 - Are you beginning, intermediary or expert when it acts of Internet?

84 - What is there on your mouse mat?
I have a laptop :)

85 - Which is your bottom of screen on your ordi?

86 - What can we find under your bed?
Chocolate and a dog bed.

87 - How many times a week do you come on Internet? How many hours?

88 - What do you think about the breedings virtual on Internet?

89 - What was your resolution on the new year?

90 - Do you do it ?
Still trying.

91 - The best gift that somebody offers to you?
Money or love.. depending on who it was.

92 - The worst gift that somebody offers to you?
A kick up the bum.

93 - Somebody offer to you a house. You choose an igloo, an Indian tipi, an African box, the same house as your parents, a farm?
A farm

94 - kilos to be taken?

95 - kilos to loose?
I'd like to loose 3 kilos.

96 - The best teacher do you have?
Most people around me but mainly my mum.

97 - The worst teacher do you have?

98 - Dedication this questionnaire with somebody?
Lol no.

99 - What do you think of this questionnaire?
Not great!!

100 - Which message of advice you would give?
Dont do this questionnare!


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  • moistbabe published 18/04/2011
    A lovely, honest set of answers x
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    excellent self review
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