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published 10/10/2011 | hannahisme
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"100 Questions about Moi!"

reveals yourself in 100 questions...

reveals yourself in 100 questions...

Okay so here it goes! I'm not one to reveal so much about myself but hey ho lets go!

1. Names

My Name is Hannah Catherine Mills. I don't have many nicknames, although when I was younger people would call me H, but pronounced 'Hay-ch' , I'm guessing that was just because we were young, therefore didn't know the correct pronunciation of H, haha. I've also been called Hanzy, Hannah Banana, Spanner, Hammer and Mills. Or just OI! ... Yeah, haha.

2. Male or Female

Most definitely Female! haha. Although I have my days where I feel quite tomboy-ish and lounge around looking rather trampish!

3. Hometown

I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England. It's close to London but no where near as busy! The area I am in is quite snobby, so it doesn't really match my personality at all! The houses are expensive - to give you an idea a 1 bedroom house in my area would be about £250,000 .... WOW! Haha. It's very pretty and historical though!

4. Size

I am 5ft 6 and a half (the half matters!!) I am tall compared to my Nan and my Mum but I am a right short ass next to my Dad and Brother! They tower above me at 6ft 3! Haha! I am size 10 tops and 12 bottoms in clothes. My shoe size is between 6 and 7. I weight.....blah blah blah...hehe. I've carrying holiday weight right now so I have an excuse as to why my muffin top is unusually bulky at the moment !!

5. Hair Colour/Length

Oh the hair constant colour changing hair! I am a natural light brown colour. I have dyed it red, black, orange (not on purpose), blonde, dark brown and ginger. I tried to dye it platinum blonde using a box took about 6 boxes of hair dye to get it to a orange/blonde colour. I gave up on box 6 and dyed it back to brown because I had my prom in a week and my hair just looked awful! My hair used to be below my shoulders then in January I became annoyed that every girl my age looked the same so to make a stand I went PIXIE STYLE! Haha. Best decision I ever made! Every one was looking at me , complimenting me and it was just a huge confidence boost! It is now all chin length and I am growing it out again. I like cutting it short then growing it as I like dramatic changes !

6. Eyes

I have hazel coloured eyes that when in the light they go Green and when I am inside they are brown!

7. Age

I am 17! Not learning to drive though due to personal reasons (will go into more detail later on!) Although I am still a teen I have a very good head on my shoulders!

8. Star Sign

I am a Scorpio! =)

9. Favorite Food

Oooooh! That's hard! Okay I like :

Chocolate - who doesn't?
Pasta - so many topping choices!
Roast Potatoes - ... what? They're nice!
Banana's - Mood Food!!
Grapes - Love tossing them up in the air and catching them in my mouth ... hehe

10. Favorite Drink

I love tea....thats very British of me but yeah...I love tea! I love Orange juice too! Also In the winter i love going to Costas and getting a Mint Hot chocolate! Yummm!

11. Least Favorite Food

I hate Noodles....weird I know but I hate the smell , texture and taste..bleugh! I hate nuts too...I just find that they make my mouth dry and they just have no taste!!

12. Least Favorite Drink

I'm not a huge fan of any Alcohol drinks... I just don't like the tipsy and uncontrolled feeling haha. I like a Shandy though! I don't really like Coffee that much either!

13. Favorite Style of Music

I like anything with a catchy beat and that I hear every time I walk into a different shop haha. I also like listening to songs that you can relate to. My favorite song at the moment is 'Skyscraper by Demi Lovato' beautiful song with a inspiring story behind it!

14. Least favorite style of music

Screaming...I hate music that is just "ARGHHH ARGHHH BLAHH ARGHHH YEAHH ARGHHH!" ...what ? Sorry I cant hear you!!!!

15. Favorite Films

I love Disney films! Especially the Lion King and Finding Nemo!!! I also love comedy's !

16.Least Favorite Films

Horrors....I don't like things that make me want to wet myself from being so scared =(

17. Single or Taken?

Single and happy ... although I miss having a cuddle with someone in the winter!

18. Worst place to go on a date?

McDonalds.... My first date was when I was 13 and it was at McDonalds. It was just horrible, tacky, and smelly !

19. Ideal Date place?

I love just walking through pretty parks. If theres a little cafe in a park I love going there and sitting with a cuppa and just being in each others company in a relaxing place.

20. Ideal Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

I don't really have any preferences.... just as long as he's nice, funny and caring then thats all that matters to me.

21. Favorite Color?

I love Blue, purple and Hot pink !

22. Favorite word?

It's a swear word...I won't say it because it's too rude , but I just find it a really funny swear word. It begins with B and ends in S....If you don't know it , message me haha.

23. Favorite Number?

3...not sure why , I've just had that number as my 'lucky' number on my horoscope for years. And whenever I do a lucky dip on the lottery (which is every now and then) I always get the number three on my lottery ticket , and on the actual lottery numbers haha.

24. Favorite quote?

"Rock Bottom was the foundations of my success" - JK Rowling

25. Your favorite quality about yourself?

I love my personality... I am bubbly , hyper, funny, friendly, caring and sensitive. Which I think are good qualities...

26. Least favorite quality about yourself?

I hate that I over think everything...It's like I get paranoid about everything! Also I have anxiety which sucks ! I also tend to be quite selfish and don't think before I speak.

27. Proudest moment of your life so far

Well I'm young so I don't have many proud moments. However... A few years ago I saved two of my best friends from killing themselves. I feel so proud of myself that while dealing with my own problems, I helped save two of my friends. I am also proud of myself because I am fighting to get my life back on track instead of curling up in a ball and running away. Anxiety sucks.

28. Favorite Holiday Destination

Orlando Florida!! Disney World is my second home! Not kidding! My family and I are just big kids! We love the whole atmosphere in Disney!

29. Bedtime Rituals?

Well...I stay up until about 11, 12pm (sometimes later), then I take a glass of water to my bedroom , plonk it on my bedside table, get my pjs on , wipe my makeup off my face, move any junk thats on my bed, get into bed, play on ipod for about an hour, then sleep! I sleep well, but suck at making myself go to bed earlier haha!

30. Favorite Breakfast meal?

Toast with butter =D and a nice cup of tea!

31. Favorite Lunch meal?

Ham and cheese panini with ready salted crisps and a cup of tea!

32. Favorite Dinner meal?

Roast dinner - roast potatoes, chicken, peas and lots of gravy! With a glass of orange juice!

33. Favorite Pudding?


34. What was your childhood dream job?

Between 3 and 7 I wanted to be a Vet. I have always loved animals! Still do. Then from 8 to 14 I wanted to be an Actress, I did loads of drama classes, loads of shows, then I gave it up because It became too repetitive and I couldn't afford an agent!

35. Current dream job?

My dream job is to run my own Kennel and Cattery. Also to have a charity for people between 13 and 19 that specializes in Anxiety, Panic attacks and Depression. It'll be a place for them to go to talk , have fun and realize that they are not alone. I want to do this because I am a teen with all of these and it sucks to not have anywhere to go to or anyone else to talk to.

36. Current Job

I currently don't have a job. I have had numerous interviews but have failed to go to them due to my anxiety. I hope to get a job soon though.

37. Your bedroom is on fire, what would be the 3 things you would take?

Okay so :

Dolly - A childhood toy that I have had since I was born and I will have until i die!!
My Ipod - i can't go anywhere without the thing...
My Phone - so I can call someone to save the rest of my

38. Favorite animal?

I love all animals but if I had to choose...DOG!

39. One thing you can't leave the house without?

My phone - not because I am one of those people who NEEDS their phone, but It's just there for security...

40. Something that annoys you when you are out and about?

People that walk around with their heads in their phones and couldn't care less who or what they walk into ! I actually purposely didn't move once just so they would look up...they looked up , grumbled at me and walked off...

41. Favorite website?

I love miniclip! Their games are really good! I also love ciao because i like writing!

42. Least favorite website?

Facebook....GIVE ME MY DISLIKE BUTTON!!! Just so much gossiping , moaning, arguing, I just can't be bothered with the hype!

43. Biggest phobia?

I hate veins and blood....i hate it when people touch the back of their wrist...BLEUGH!!

44. Worst experience of your life so far?

Loosing my brother in a motorcycle accident when I was 12. And loosing my grandpa to lung cancer this year. I hope they are looking down on me and protecting my family xxx R.I.P xxx

45. Who is your best friend?

My dog Eddie. He has helped me get back to a bit of my normal life. He cuddles me if I cry, he brings me his ball when I'm bored, he sits on my lap when I am cold and is just there for me...

46. Any annoying habits?

Biting my nails! It's so annoying! I hate wearing false nails so I guess if i grew my nails out I wouldnt like it haha.

47. 'Any pets?

Yes! I have a Dog , Eddie, two cats called Harry and Phoebe , lots of fish and and African Grey Parrot called Jack, that swears A LOT!

48. favorite childhood character?

Powerpuff girls and Kenan And Kel

49. and Now?

Family Guy, Two and a half men and Friends.

50. If you have kids what would they be and what would you call them?

I would love to have a boy and a girl. I would call the boy Noah Matthew and the girl Audrey Eliza. Just because i love those names to bits!

51. Favorite time of the year

June - end of college, start of summer!!!

52. Most amount of money you have had all at once?

£500 - holiday money i'd saved up and had been given.

53. Most amount of money spent on an item of clothing?

£130 on a Jack Wills gillet.....stupid I know but i'd wanted one for ages and it was a one off!!!

54. Favorite clothes shop?


55. Favorite makeup brand?


56. Something disgusting about yourself?

....I don't care about farting in public....really i dont...every one farts...even the Queen farts... its a natural thing and should be let OUT!!

57. If you won the lottery what would you buy?

I'd divide it between myself, my brother and my parents. With my half i would buy a nice house for myself, a kennels, set up my charity, buy a fiat 500 car because they are cool , nice clothes, and more =)

58. The World is ending...what do you do?

.....Well 1. panic , 2. say bye to everyone 3. pray 4. go scream at someone i dislike right now 5. kiss the best looking guy near me....

59. If you could have a tattoo , where and what would it be ?

Butterfly behind my left ear , dove behind my right ear , white feather on the back of my arm.

60. Most annoying thing you have to do?

Get myself food....I swear if i win the lottery I'm getting a butler!

61. Best insult ?


62. Ever done anything naughty?

Yes...when I was about 8 I took some picamix from asda ... tut tut!

63. Ever had an argument with a stranger?

Yes , on a bus when a mother who had a 12 year old gobby son with her told me (not asked) to move the hell out of my seat now... I said no...she started screaming at me so the bus driver through her off the bus and let me have my ticket for free..hehe

64. One stereotype you hate?

That all girls with short hair are apparently lesbians....SHUT UP! NO THEY AREN'T!!!

65. Who is your inspiration? ( non celeb) ?

My mum

66. Who is your celebrity inspiration?

Demi lovato

67. Favorite smell?

Fresh cut grass

68. Favorite sweets?

Skittles, chocolate, fruit pastels and toffee crisps

69. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

HES REAL!!! .... Lol joking! erm....8 I think. I saw Dad putting the xmas prezzies under the tree

70. Most painful thing that you have ever experienced?! It's bloomin painful!!!

71. Most annoying thing a person can say to you?

K. !!!!! Arghh!!

72. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully engaged to a nice guy, have a good job , nice house.

73. One chore you hate doing?

Hoovering , so annoying!

74. Worst thing you have ever said to a person?

I haven't said anything really bad , the worst thing i've said for them rather than me is "You are the worst friend ever"

75. Favorite sport?

Basketball and tennis!

76. Where would you like to live when you are older?

Cambridgeshire! I love how pretty it is , the people are so friendly and they have more shops than I have here!!!!

77. Favorite Game?

The sims 3!!!

78. Favorite item of clothing?

I love my leggings! They are so comfy!

79. Favorite shoes?

Trainers....theyre comfy and easy to slip on!

80. What is your hobby?

I like making videos on youtube. Writing reviews on here and playing with my dog. I'm quite an unsociable person haha.

81. One thing you would change about yourself

My unsociable attitude and my low self esteem

82. Favorite subject at school?

Media studies and English - I just found the creativity in those lessons amusing.

83. Least favorite subject at school?

History....boring, annoying, pointless...

84. Best gift someone has ever given you?

Not sure... I love any gift someone gives me...

85. Best place someone has ever taken you?

My dad and mum took me to Soho in London to Central Perk. They set it up for a few weeks for people to go see all the FRIENDS props and have a coffee. It was the best day ever. I was so happy!!!

86. What are you doing right now?

Watching new Two and a half men!

87. You are trapped on a desert island, name 5 things you would take

1. a pillow...I love my pillow
2. clothes... don't wanna be naked!
3. my ipod
4. food
5. a lighter to make a fire haha

88. What do you really dislike about todays society?

Peoples ability to judge people before they know them... it's ridiculous

89. What is the most you've spent on another persons gift?

£60 ... for my mum , bought her flowers and a massage =)

90. what is the worse thing that someone has ever called you?

A hypocrite... I am not a hypocrite i just tend to get confused in conversations and i dont think before i say things...

91. What is your dream car

I love Fiat 500's and Toyota IQ's but I would LOVE a black Hummer!

92. Most scariest ride you have ever been on?

Oblivion at alton towers...It got stuck for about 10 mins and so I was talking to the people next to me and suddenly it dropped and I shat myself...oh my gosh it was horrible!!!

93. Can you play an instrument?

Not well no. I am self taught piano (but not very good!) , self taught guitar (again, not very good !) and yeah lol

94. Do you have a talent?

No haha . I am good with people...does that count as a talent? I'm good at playing the drums...even though I don't have a kit myself. I have a go on my friends every now and then and she says I'm a natural lol

95. Do you have any weird things that your body can do?

Erm .... i can crack all my fingers, i can move both my eye brows like those kids used to do on the old cadbury advert!

96. Is there anything you wish you could change about your past?

Lots... my brother dying , my grandpa getting cancer, my anxiety and panic attacks, the fact I have no gcse's and yeah....

97. Do you think you are attractive?

Well , I don't think I'm ugly, but i'm certainly not sexy haha! I would say I am average!

98. What would be the one piece of advice you would give to younger people?

Stay in school, you won't get far without qualifications , respect older people. Be kind to people

99. Do you have a life song?

No! Haha. Theres so many songs that would be considered as my song! I like The Climb by Miley cyrus , and I love a lot of Paramore's songs. But yeah, no life song just yet!

100. Final question - If you had three wishes, what would they be ?

1. To End world hunger
2. Everyone to be healthy and happy
3. No more wars

So there you go! My 100 questions! Sorry they aren't too long , and that they are incredibly random but hey ho!!

Hannahisme 2011

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  • Wickedinrock published 21/10/2011
    I LOVE Demi Lovato and Two and a Half Men! Great write up but again, it's so sad to hear about your brother xx
  • 80smusicreviewer published 14/10/2011
    Great and interesting read. E from me.
  • angelboouk123 published 11/10/2011
    lovely to get to know are very enthusiastic and a bit like what i was at your age! lovely pic too x
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