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I have tried various football websites including the likes of heavyweights such as ESPN and BBC but my personal favourite and the one I use from day to day to keep me up to speed in the world of Football is Most club websites are of course very biased towards their own club and ... Read review

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Community Level 6WormThatTu...


Kicking The Others In The Balls

AdvantagesGreat community boards, fast update, site speed

DisadvantagesAdvertising, pop-ups, chat rooms.

"...etc. I would highly recommend to football fans, in my opinion it is the best football on-line fansite on the net. All in an excellent service. Thanks for reading ============================================ WormThatTurned2003 ..." Read review

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Community Level 2theimp


Uniting The Rivals

AdvantagesAll teams hosted on one site.

DisadvantagesThe sites all look the same, too much advertising.

" is a collection of sport websites that cover most sports from cricket to football to rugby. The aim of is simple, to host websites that are run by individual fans of the individual teams. However this is the only time that word individual should be used when speaking about Rivals as when you have seen one team's website you have seen them all. Prior to the development of Rivals each of these sites were free to design and edit ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gcooper


RIVALS is the place to be

AdvantagesLinks everyone together, encourages good banter, easily accessible information and can create some good friendships between Rival Supporters and Sports fans alike

DisadvantagesAs with all sports sites it makes abuse easier to deliver for the Spammers.. Also sites that are not hosted by Rivals are made obscure if they aren't featuring on Rivals

"RIVALS Sports network has been around for a year or so now as far as I can remember and covers a vast array of sports from F1 to Cricket, Football and many more... The basic concept behind Rivals is that each aspect of Sport is covered using the exact same layout, all are connected together on the network which allows 'rival' fans in communicate (hence the name RIVALS) By these means it has made Internet use easier to interact with and enables ..." Read review

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Too much flame

AdvantagesWide range of sites, good photo galleries

DisadvantagesFan forums full of abuse

"I initially discovered when looking for sites about Somerset County Cricket Club, and discovered "The Grockle's Obsession" -, a Somerset fansite whihc was being hosted by rivals. There were photo galleries, chatrooms, news about the club, special features, and then messageboards. Whilst The Grockle's Obsession has remained fairly friendly and probably is about the most ontopic of all the sites on, the same cannot ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nikeair


Great sports network

AdvantagesLinks up lots of great sites of all major sports

DisadvantagesThe sites are uniform as a result of the network system

" element of continuity throughout. Although does cover all sorts of sports, I only ever really venture onto the football areas, so that's what I'll be writing about here - although I'm told that the other areas are similarly excellent. The football section of has brought together the fansites of all the Premiership, Nationwide and Scottish teams aswell as a host of other, more general sites - right from a site on referees, ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 18/12/2000

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similar by Type (Football)
Keeps on putting the latest information
Fanzne is sometimes boring (*)
Live scores, commentary, site is fast, navigation is good, wide coverage
None (*)
Load it up on Saturday and follow the lot.
Pesky adverts (*)
latest news on festivals, gigs and football. lots of fun extras
some games are not great. some downloads fail (*)
Easy to use and well laid out
If you are not a fan (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.net)
Great site with up to date content
some adds (but site is free) (*)
Covers many sports
Not always up to date (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (R)
reliable news items, engaging columns, quality show results, busy forum, clean design
Only covers WWE, information pages out of date (*)
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