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100mb of space and fast too!!

Advantagesmethods of access, speed, 100mb, POP access

Disadvantageswill probably be slower when everyone from ciao signs up for it

"Runbox is quite simply the best free email service out there. 100mb of space for a start. YES, THAT'S RUGHT, 100MB!!! I think hotmail gives you 2mb, and most services give around a maximum of 5mb. You can access runbox via wap, SMS, internet, POP even on a PDA and it has loads of features such as filtering, and an address book. The interface is clean and simple if a little plain. Attachments can be up to a very generous 10mb. The service is really ..." Read review

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Type E-mail
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 23/04/2001

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manage your POP3 or IMAP4 based email at any web enabled PC
err.... wont make you a cuppa or fetch a beer (*)
Fast, good layout, *lots* of space
No filters, limited options, doesn't work properly (*)
Free, Create own @? email address,
Basic, Not much features (*)
Standard email account that pays. No spam mail.
Some times may be a little slow in recieving mails (*)
Choose from a whole range of different domain names
Server reliability is debatable (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Easy to use, Passport style universal login. Many features.
Expensive, lack of control (*)
It is fast and effective with more uses than just chat
Can be exposed to some nuisances from time to time (*)
Free Downloads, Very helpful sections like Cheats, Price guides, Latest tech news, Web-building, etc
I dont own the site..LOL (*)
All of the features
nothing (*)
excellent uptime, loads of domains to choose from
it's no longer free, templates aren't very good (*)
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Free and Fun
No chatting options. (*)
joins russian speaking people together
a lot of clones (*)
The free Voip service to 50 countries is first rate, great prices for calling countries.
I just wish all my friends were using Rebtel! (*)
all (*)
Great for everything postal
none so far .... (*)
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