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... Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining in the cloud, a breath of fresh air in the stench that is ‘company phone charges rip offs’ and it comes in the form of a simple, yet very effective web site called ** THE SITE ITSELF… When you enter the ... Read review

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Keep your money in your pocket by calling cheaper numbers

AdvantagesEasy to understand and saves you money


"...very effective web site called ==** THE SITE ITSELF…== When you enter the site you are presented with an easy to understand format, giving you the option of either finding an alternative number or even adding your own alternative number to those costly 0870, 0845s etc…. There are a few banners, advertising useful contacts, such as ‘money saving expert’ and ‘promotional codes’, but these banners are the reason why this site can ..." Read review

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Just Say No!

AdvantagesEasy to search; Saves call charges; Publicises the issue

DisadvantagesInitial navigation could be clearer

"...those that save me money. SAYNOTO0870.COM is one of these, but is more important than that. It is also a campaign that is beginning to be listened to and should be bookmarked by everyone. The website is a free to use resource for finding alternatives to the expensive telephone numbers that many companies and services try to hold us to ransom with. These are numbers commonly beginning 0870, 0845, 0871 and 0844, also known as ‘Non-Geographics’, that ..." Read review

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'Alternatives listed for national rate numbers'

AdvantagesFree or cheaper phone calls

DisadvantagesSome numbers may not work, otherwise none!

"...Had I known about SAYNOTO0870.COM I would have saved a lot of money. Now less importantly The design of the site is satisfactory, it does not really have the need to be attractive by adding any other material since this would simply increase the time it takes for the page to load and will probably increase the costs of web hosting for the owner of the web site. There is no real need for there to be high quality images or media. In respect ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mattd_1


Say No To 0870 Numbers

AdvantagesSaves You Money and time


"Many major companies nowadays expect everyone to pay to speak to them. If something goes wrong or you just want some advice you could be paying £10 just to get some help. Saynoto0870 gives an alternative way of contacting companies by giving you a free phone number or geographical number. This will save you heaps of money and time wasted spent on hold. If you are continually being frustrated by these obscene prices then this is definitely worth a ..." Read review

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Advantageslists 0870 & 0845 numbers-giving alternatives

Disadvantagessome numbers dont work-but still the best site on the net

"**UPDATE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHOM DO NOT UNDERSTAND** Many of us pay our phone line providers for 24/7 free calls to local and national numbers...these will start with codes like: 0207,0208,01992 etc...however although it is not stated when we chose this service from our phone line providers- it will be in the small print or if you ask they will confirm- all numbers starting with 0870,0845 are still chargable/billed numbers...although they may not be ..." Read review

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