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Title Product/Category Rating Author Usefulness
Athlon XP 2.2ghz AMD Athlon XP 3200+ / 2.2 GHz processor
in Computers > CPUs

avidgamez "somewhat helpful"
Straw GHD Iron Oil
in Beauty > Hair Care Finishing

moggatina "somewhat helpful"
A beautiful printer! HP Deskjet 940c
in Computers > Printers

cs94njw "somewhat helpful"
You'll be making some ghetto love to this CD. Ghetto Love - Jaheim
in Music > House, R&B, Soul & Rap

bigdave2121 "somewhat helpful"
This is the best drive I have had! NEC ND-3520
in Computers > Drives

miken2k4 "somewhat helpful"
Newcastle to Sanford Monarch Airlines
in Travel > Airlines

ramseyn5 "somewhat helpful"
Why bother reading the book? The Lord Of The Rings: BBC Radio 4 Dramatisation (Audio Book) - J.R.R. Tolkien
in Books > Audio Books

cs94njw "somewhat helpful"
Celeron 266 MHz Intel Celeron 266 MHz processor
in Computers > CPUs

avidgamez "somewhat helpful"
Be Aware!!
in Internet > Online Shopping

Pieyiya "somewhat helpful"
excellant little car Vauxhall Tigra 1.4i
in Cars & Motorcycles > Vauxhall

mattakers "somewhat helpful"
IRiver iFP 190tc mp3 player iRiver iFP-190TC IFP190TC
in Electronics > MP3 Players

maxhacker "somewhat helpful"
This wicked book WOWS you The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
in Books > Thriller Books

haysiefantasie "somewhat helpful"
Most people have played this game, all should! Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC)
in Games > PC Games

ryu2999 "somewhat helpful"
Helps me with my job TomTom GO 300
in Electronics > Car Navigation Systems

bev-v1 "somewhat helpful"
the mad ship The Mad Ship - Robin Hobb
in Books > Fantasy Books

dannyjarvis "somewhat helpful"
Need a lullaby? Bewitched
in DVDs > Comedy

scorpy "somewhat helpful"
Pure comic genius Only Fools And Horses - Series 1-7 (Box Set) (DVD)
in DVDs > TV Series

Taylor121 "somewhat helpful"
not 3 bad King Arthur - Directors Cut (DVD)
in DVDs > Action & Adventure

angey25 "somewhat helpful"
Winsor Pilates Winsor Pilates
in Ciao Café > Other Sports

scottishlass1 "somewhat helpful"
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