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A Cheap core2 duo processor with handy features.

Advantages: High FSB, large L2 cache memory, 64 bit architecture, operates in low voltage.
Disadvantages: Does not support Hyper-threading technology, very poor L1 cache memory.

...duo series. With some unique features and the revolutionary 64 architecture, it is definitely one of the better choices to the consumers. STANDARD FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES 1. Manufactured in 65nm size, results faster response and quicker execution of Data and programs. 2. Consists of multi core, enables twice speed for data processing. 3. Massive operating frequency of 2.2 GHz. 4. 2MB of L2...

Gladiator007 26.03.2009 18:22 (26.03.2009 18:27) · Read review
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Review of Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 processor

Acer Aspire M1640 - Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4 GHz

Advantages: core 2 duo 2.4 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 7050
Disadvantages: No modem, Less RAM

...Acer Aspire M1640 In this M1640 we have many features if you want a PC with low cost then we should go for this PC very good for entertainment we can also access internet through this and many more If we come to main features of this PC we have core 2 duo 2.4 GHz which is more than enough for the entertainment and we have 2 GB RAM which is not enough for play games smoothly .I not saying...

akaykumae535 10.02.2009 14:18 · Read review
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Review of Acer Aspire M1640 (92.WSE7A.UHP)

Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo 13.3" - I'm a convert

Advantages: Stylish, flexible, super fast startup
Disadvantages: Pricey compared to a PC

.... The time taken to develop css sites and make them work cross-platform was hugely reduced, I was a convert. I'm sure Safari is truly great, but I'll be sticking to FF for dev for the foreseeable future. 2. Messaging client (MSN Messenger for Mac) A no brainer really, need to retain the continuity with my previous MSN contacts. That said, I've hardly used it since I installed it. 3. Twitter client (Tweet...

ManicMorFF 01.09.2009 23:25 · Read review
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Review of Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo