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EIZO FlexScan L363T-C

EIZO FlexScan L363T-C

15 in -Brightness: 180 cd/m2 -Contrast Ratio: 400:1 -Max Resolution: 1024 x 768 -Response Time: 55 ms (On Ciao since: 08/2006)

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EIZO FlexScan T2381W-BK

EIZO FlexScan T2381W-BK

23 in -Brightness: 260 cd/m2 -Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 -Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080 -Response Time: 6 ms (On Ciao since: 10/2013)

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EIZO FlexScan S1911SH . Impressive but expensive

Advantages: Fast response time, Great image quality, Perfect adjustments
Disadvantages: High price, medium viewing angles

...ame quality and performance level as Samsung, LG or others LCD producers. Regarding this monitor the EIZO FlexScan S1911SH I was attracted especially by the 2 ms midtone (gray-to-gray) response time or 6 ms normal response time specified by the producer and because I'm a great gamer and I also watch so often movies I decided to give a try to this monitor and I was not disappointed. ►►...

neo1983 10.08.2007 02:15 (10.08.2007 02:16) · Read review
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Review of EIZO FlexScan S1911SA

HDR FOX T2 - Stretching Freeview To The Humaximum

Advantages: Versatile PVR with HD Freeview and internet access for iPlayer etc
Disadvantages: Will 500 gbytes be big enough. Some aspects of underachievement to be addressed

...? Buying another 3View box was out of the question, if only for the fact that the remote controls would clash, there being no way to change the codes used to allow for dual working, besides which, that wouldn?t give me anything new to write about! Thus after a lot of reading round on the subject, and insinuating myself into relevant forums I plumped for the Humax HDR-FOX T2 with its 500 gigabyte disk...

BNibbles 09.03.2011 12:41 (23.09.2011 07:51) · Read review
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Review of Humax HDR FOX T2

I love my big telly

Advantages: clear picture, comprehensive menus,
Disadvantages: quite expensive

...My big telly is an Eizo FlexScan F980. I'd just like to quickly point out that this is the screen I use at work - I probably couldn't afford to buy one for home use! The monitor is big, at 20 inch diagonal - and has a massive depth to match - so it may not be convenient for a small space. The monitor offers the usual ergonomic feature of an adjustable base - which allows you to tilt...

andyev 12.07.2001 13:38 (12.07.2001 13:57) · Read review
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Review of EIZO FlexScan F980