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AdvantagesFantastic Drawings, Very Detailed Information On Every Species

DisadvantagesQuite Expensive

...of Britain and Europe. A couple of years ago I decided that it was time that I updated my reference guide for something a little bit more modern. The book I chose was the Birds of Europe by Lars Jonson. Lars Jonson is a very well known name in the world of Ornithology. Born in Sweden Lars Jonson is best known as a Bird Artist and has won many prestigious awards. He had an exhibit at the National Museum...

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AdvantagesWide-ranging, detailed, incisive look at the years leading up to war

DisadvantagesThe occasional omission or questionable argument, inevitable in a book of this nature

...One could argue that the main title of this book is slightly questionable. Throughout the half-century or so preceding the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, Europe had rarely been a conflict-free zone, with the Franco-Prussian, Graeco-Turkish and Balkan wars for a start. However, it is only reasonable to add the qualification that the majority of the continent was at peace with itself and most...

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AdvantagesA lot of quality tracks and a good sing-a-long

DisadvantagesThe odd weaker chance, but nothing too bad...

...Europe - Last Look At Eden Right, I thought I?d do a review on Europe mainly because I saw them the other night in Bristol and they were a lot better than I was expecting and if tickets are still available I would suggest you go see them as they will not disappoint. But I?m not here to review the gig, I?m here to talk about their latest album ?Last Look at Eden,? now the one thing I...

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