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Gigabyte Geforce 6800

Advantages: Decent frame rates, unlockable pixel pipelines and vertex shader, Silent cooling
Disadvantages: Heat

...Overview: The current graphics card i am using is the Gigabyte Geforce 6800 128mb 8x AGP with passive cooling, as soon as i removed the card from its packaging it was extremely easy to fit into the chassis and very little chance of accidently knocking off a component due to the large heatsink which provides a nice grip to insert the graphics card. The geforce 6800 also comes with a standard DVI...

Mazaron 30.07.2006 00:30 · Read review
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Review of NVIDIA GeForce 6800

The EPL 6200N, A Monochrome MONSTER

Advantages: Highly industrial, capable of printing off at amazing speeds. Low noises. Is aesthetically pleasing.
Disadvantages: Slightly pricy. Few extra features.

..., the Epson EPL 6200N, a laser printed designed for medium sized workgroups within any office or school. With the latest set of A - Level exams just a few months away, and with several sheets worth of information needing printing, I had the oppurtunity to test the EPL 6200N out... The Printer A quick query to the librarian told me the printer cost about 270 pounds inc. VAT, though unfortunately...

Credance100 15.02.2005 22:42 · Read review
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Review of Epson EPL 6200N

Feel The GeForces...

Advantages: No Hardware Conflicts, Runs newish games perfectly
Disadvantages: None at the moment

...or so. The installation is simple and effective with a GUI leading the user through the whole process and online driver updates are easy to find on the GeForce site with prompts and questions to define exactly what one you need. The card comes with a few adapters (DVI-VGA and a S-Video Cable) which are useful I would reccomend this card but ast the same time, there are better ones out there...

Bluebolt44 26.02.2007 17:20 · Read review
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Review of PNY Verto GeForce 6 6200 PCI