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Gigabyte GV-NX73G128D-RH

Gigabyte GV-NX73G128D-RH

NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS - 128 MB - PCI Express x16 (On Ciao since: 06/2006)

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Accelero Hybrid: Easiest liquid cooling system for graphics card

Advantages: Keeps GPU incredibly cool, vast plethora of accessories, decent instructions with pictures
Disadvantages: Complicated interlinked power cabling, can be a little fiddly to fit

...had a chance to tear the box apart and get to the delicious hardware inside! Oh. Wow. That's a huge array of accessories. The Hybrid comes with an absolute overabundance of kit to complement a multitude of graphics cards, from an utter plethora of heatsinks for use on memory chips and other components on your graphics card, to fixing brackets to suit both nVidia and AMD cards, as well as various one...

oxymoron_02 25.09.2012 11:36 · Read review
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Review of Arctic Accelero Hybrid Graphics Card Cooler

The ACE of graphics cards.

Advantages: 65nm size,less power consumption, HD supporting technology, very cheap, pure video technology, SLI
Disadvantages: just remake of 8600 gt version, less core clock speed, lower performance than 8600GT.

...BACKGROUND INFORMATION Usually, in modern days computing market, the manufacturers tend to built in the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) with the motherboard, which is helpful. But it entirely does not accomplish the maximum output for graphics requirements for a PC system. It is far less powerful and serves the nominal performance than a dedicated graphics card. In present day market...

Gladiator007 01.03.2009 12:36 (13.04.2009 04:08) · Read review
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Review of NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT

Adequate graphics card

Advantages: If you can find it for £60, it would be a good find
Disadvantages: Older card HD 5850 is faster than it at the same price

...After being inundated with literally a few private guestbook requests on what graphics card I use following the XFX HD 7870 review, I have decided to do a bonus review today to discuss the card I am using and why I chose it. Yes, everything I decide to buy has a reason and purpose, as age and wisdom tends to do that to a person. If you?ve read my HD 7870 review, you would know what...

thisoldman65 30.12.2013 23:01 (31.12.2013 10:12) · Read review
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Review of XFX RADEON HD 6850