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Most recent reviews from the community


AdvantagesIn the heart of Manhattan. Fantastic views of the ESB.

DisadvantagesToo short a visit for us!

...of the owner Don Glassie a fashion designer whose heyday was in the 60?s with the miniskirt and t shirt designed dresses. He also set up a hospitality business opening and renovating hotels etc. The walls are covered in very tasteful paintings and photos. Booking. We booked directly with the hotel and requested a high room facing the Empire state building originally for two nights. No problem we got...

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AdvantagesLocation; well maintained, comfortable rooms

DisadvantagesShower floods bathroom; slippy rugs; issues with breakfast

...(which you can buy as a souvenir or gift). Our check in experience was entertaining as we engaged in a spot of jousting with the receptionist who wanted to swipe our credit card in case of extras. He maintained that this was essential and said he could not give us our room unless we passed over the card. This is a hotel practice I despise and I held my ground: weary from debating the issue...

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AdvantagesAt the price we paid it was a bargain......

Disadvantages.......At normal prices I'd have been disappointed.

...last minute at all really. Good prices are only available on the less popular nights ? typically Sunday and Monday nights are quiet ? and our visit was on a Monday. I was not expecting much in the way of grandeur since I've stayed in numerous grand country house type places where only those people willing to pay a small fortune can get a room in the historic part of the hotel and we penny...

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