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Mordaunt Short Avant 309I

Mordaunt Short Avant 309I

Subwoofer -Active -Wired (On Ciao since: 03/2007)

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Electronics > HiFi > Speakers

Mordaunt Short Alumni 9

Mordaunt Short Alumni 9

Subwoofer -SIngle Active Component (On Ciao since: 09/2007)

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Electronics > HiFi > Speakers


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Good for a thumping (musically that is)

Advantages: Good power and would be excellent for dance music
Disadvantages: Lacks too much detail for my tastes

...bland. So off I trotted back to Richer Sounds and replaced them with the Mordaunt Short Avant 902s, which I got on offer because someone randomly had them for cheap online and Richer Sounds would match it. Hurrah! As I got the new box, the guy who gave them to me said: ?You?ll prefer those? with a wink. He was right, even if I was never 100% happy with them over time. But they beat the proverbial...

GenerallyInterested 24.08.2013 19:34 (24.08.2013 19:45) · Read review
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Review of Mordaunt Short Avant 902

I wear short shorts!!

Advantages: Exceptional quality, look great on, versatile
Disadvantages: The sizing of the size 12 is a bit small

...We had beautiful weather this summer, it didn't last for very long but while the sun was out it was exceptionally hot so I took the opportunity of getting my legs out. I only had two pairs of shorts at the beginning of this summer: a short shorts pair that are only for while I'm on holiday and are inappropriate for wearing just to go shopping or walking around near my home, and these shorts from...

alliewallie 26.10.2013 11:08 · Read review
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Review of Diesel Shorts Women

Cute shorts

Advantages: Cute, good value and quality
Disadvantages: Bows are a bit of a nightmare to iron

...I try and avoid shopping in big supermarkets as when I do, my weekly shopping bill seems to double, the main reason being, I have a wander around the home section, then the clothes and before you know it, I have spent £40 before I have even started putting any food in my trolley. These shorts were purchased in this is very same way. Price & Availability The shorts are available in...

wazza115 02.11.2013 21:21 · Read review
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Review of Asda Girls Bow Pocket Shorts