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Most recent reviews from the community


AdvantagesFun whilst encouraging fine motor skills


...really into his cars and tractors at the moment, so I found the perfect Ravensburger ?my first? puzzle for him. The full name of this puzzle set is Ravensburger ?My First Travel Far? and it contains 4 mini puzzles of a train, bus, tractor and car. I really like these puzzle sets and think they make a great gift for a young toddler who is just starting to learn the basics such as hand eye co...

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“Not MY choice of TRAVEL”

published 06/08/2004

AdvantagesGood onboard crew

DisadvantagesVery cramped & uncomfortable

...My in-laws live abroad (I know - lucky me) so I'm a seasoned Internet trawler when it comes to finding the best value flights. Lordy Lord did I get it wrong this year!! I spend considerable time looking for the best bargain and use several websites as standard which I compare daily, as well as looking for new sites to try. I thought I'd got a good deal this year, opting for My Travel flights...

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4 reviews



published 29/12/2003

AdvantagesComfy, extra service quality

Disadvantagesflight times and jet speed

...MyTravel Airways (MYT) is the new name for Airtours, a Manchester-based company that has provided holidays for many years. However now they're going bankrupt as they've found that by expanding, they've got too big for their own good by taking over any company they see fit. MYT was our choice to fly to Orlando, Florida last year. It was a lovely July day when we arrived at Manchester Airport...

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