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Sainsbury's Lamb Shanks

Sainsbury's Lamb Shanks

Lamb (On Ciao since: 05/2003)

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Bashful Lamb

Advantages: So cute, soft
Disadvantages: None

...of cuddly and very soft toys that are all different animals and usually have a very cute face/look/feel to them. The other characteristics that always tell you its a Jelly cat are a soft velvety fur with floppy ears, tails or limbs and a very cute cuddly face. If you see them in a shop they practically beg you to buy them and are screaming take me home, take me home! Bashful Lamb was an Easter gift...

muffin11 12.08.2013 09:56 · Read review
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Review of Jellycat Bashful Lamb

Lunch at the Lamb

Advantages: Nice bite to eat, reasonably priced
Disadvantages: Large Pub, could be impersonal

...After a morning wandering around Norwich and not really doing anything constructive, my friend and I had worked up quite an appetite. There are quite a few places to choose from to eat in the city centre but we wanted to avoid the usual suspects like Nando's or Pizza Express and ventured into The Lamb Inn. The pub is situated in Orford Place which is just off of Red Lion St. The weather was sunny...

Essexgirl2006 06.04.2013 12:12 · Read review
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Review of The Lamb Inn, Norwich

A Little Lamb of Love!

Advantages: Utterly cute, able to sit in a position, good stitching, good detailing.
Disadvantages: Ribbon not moveable, can be pricey, rarity value.

.... Whilst noseying through a few different options before me, I knocked over a tray of those famous TY Beanie Babies soft toys on the shelf below the ribbons and it was there that I saw a little lamb looking up at me. You could say it was love at first sight! "Sheepishly," as he/she is known is a cute and tiny little lamb made by TY and forms part of the range known as the very famous and collectable...

Nar2 29.10.2013 14:14 · Read review
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Review of Ty Beanie Babies Sheepishly the Lamb