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Hampton Inn Houston-Near The Galleria, Houston

Hampton Inn Houston-Near The Galleria, Houston

Hotel -4500 Post Oak Parkway, Houston, TX 77027, USA -2 Stars -176 Rooms (On Ciao since: 04/2006)

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Rehashed in the USA

Advantages: Some good tracks
Disadvantages: Some awful tracks, probably too diverse for all tracks to appeal to one person, many of the songs are slow

...eafront. Some of us were rather pleased to see the arrogance knocked out of him, but Reborn in the USA was another chance of success and all his old self-confidence blossomed – until, that was, Dollar became the first act to be voted off. Oh, how we laughed. They did entertain us though with their stage routines, obviously auditioning for Celebrity Ballroom Dancing. With Thereze making Posh...

KarenUK 15.06.2003 01:21 · Read review
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Review of Reborn in the USA - Various Artists

Snooz'n USA

Advantages: Spotting landmarks, controls do the job
Disadvantages: Poor collisions physics, cornering troubles, infinite continues

...choppy when driving through detailed surroundings, such as downtown San Francisco - this is also the section where the external views can be blocked, albeit partially and briefly, by cars behind. There are direction signs in Cruis'n USA but nothing to tell how tight an upcoming turn is - there is a radar for CPU presence, but no map present so you never know until too late, and traffic is sure to come...

scream4bruce 09.09.2009 22:16 · Read review
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Review of Cruis'n USA (N64)


Advantages: -
Disadvantages: -

...It may suprise some people, but America have actually got a pretty good record in World Cup. The USA were involved in some of the very first World Cups in the 1930s, some twenty years before England or any other home nation did so themselves. They cannot kid themselves that they invented the game though, and the truth now is they are really not very good. A spectacularly bad performance in...

Chris_Padden 23.05.2002 10:24 (23.05.2002 10:25) · Read review
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Review of USA (National Team 2002)