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Mark Lawrence's stunning Prince of Thorns

Advantages: Full of action, very readable and human
Disadvantages: Very violent with murder, rape and pillage aplenty

...One of my favourite reads of 2011 and the book that brought me back to reading fantasy novels was Mark Lawrence's wonderfully brutal Prince of Thorns. Plot The story opens with 13 year old Jorg leading a small gang of journeymen robbers and murderers creating havoc around a decaying and partly destroyed world. Life is hard and largely manual in this world and Jorg and his friends seem to...

cr01 03.12.2012 11:38 · Read review
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Review of Prince of Thorns - Mark Lawrence

Mark Lawrence - King of Thorns. A Stunning Read.

Advantages: Very engaging story and cheeky Jorgy is instantly likable
Disadvantages: None for me

...Mark Lawrence's King of Thorns is the second in the super fantasy trilogy set in future time post nuclear and environmental disaster current day France. King of Thorns follows our young (anti) hero Jorg for the four years immediately after succeeding to the throne of a small land locked and mountainous territory, between the ages of 14 and 18. The first novel in the series, Prince of Thorns...

cr01 28.12.2012 10:57 (28.12.2012 17:21) · Read review
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Review of King of Thorns - Mark Lawrence

A festive album with a difference from Tracey Thorn

Advantages: Good songs, good lyrics and clever interpretations
Disadvantages: None for me

...Tracey Thorn has been making music since the early 1980?s but despite reasonable commercial successful as half of the band Everything but the Girl she has never really established herself as a household name. Instead she has enjoyed a loyal following from a dedicated group of fans, throughout her long career. Tinsel and Lights is Tracey?s first attempt at a festive album, but anyone who is...

micksheff 24.12.2012 12:12 · Read review
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Review of Tinsel and Lights - Tracey Thorn