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published 24/04/2001 | flod
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Pro Lots of chances to swap. Can take advantage of swapit system
Cons Can you trust an anonymous person, and their stuff.
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"Swapitshop.com Vs. Swaphut.com"

Swapitshop Vs. Swaphut - A definitive guide.

So, I think I would be right in saying that these two sites are pretty much the main sites where you can swap things. But which is best? Firstly, here’s the deal with swapitshop.co.uk, and those of you who want to know more about Swaphut can go to my Swaphut opinion.

On Swapitshop the system is slightly different to just a straight swap as with Swaphut. It works more along the line of an online auction where you put your item up to stay for a week, but instead of working with money you get points called ‘swapits’ which you can redeem on the site by bidding for different items. When putting an item you want to swap on you have to set a minimum amount of swapits to start the bidding at, and a maximum amount when the swap can automatically be ended if a bidder goes high enough. When someone wins the bid you send it off to Swapitshop, and then they deliver it to the other guy/gal then vice versa if you are the bidder. Easy peasy right? Well not quite.

The main thing I had difficulty with on this site was getting used to the points system. What value do you set your items at? Well, this is really up to you and how much you think people will want the item. Here’s my estimation at what you should place things at to get you started, but I advise you investigate yourself too:

The average CD - Should go for about 500 - 1000 swapits. Most (if it’s a good album) start at around 750.
The average DVD - Could go for 1000 - 2000 swapits. Again depending on the quality.
The rest I have less experience in and you can have a look for yourself.

So there’s your crash course in Swapitshop. Now is it better than Swaphut? Here are a few points to consider:

Do you want to deal with money? - Unfortunately, you are stuck with the points based system with Swapitshop and you can’t deal with money as with Swaphut. But if you are on a swapping site, do you really want to deal with money? In this category I would say Swaphut goes 1 up just because it allows the option.

Swapitshop - 0 Swaphut - 1

Are you confident the item will be sent to you in good condition? - This is important for obvious reasons, and after using both sites for a few months I would say Swaphut wins it again. Because you are contacting the other swapper person via e-mail, you are more certain of an actual swap because if they don’t then you have their address and a rusty old carving knife waiting in the attic. . . ! Honestly, 3 of the 7 items I bid for so far on Swapitshop failed to appear, and while I got the points back, it does little to console the hurt and pain caused as a result of dashed hopes! It is also said that you can send the item back on Swapitshop if it is not what you expected, but who wants to spend the money and time sending something back for a few measly points? This is where Swapitshop fails because of its anonymity; and the identity of who you are swapping with is withheld, so you can’t build up a trusting relationship with someone who has similar interests. Therefore:

Swapitshop - 0 Swaphut - 2

How quick and easy is it to send an receive items? It seems like Swaphut is on for a stonking victory here as you can save a bit of time and effort by swapping and sending multiple items with the same person. With Swapitshop it seems like you have to send every item separately because you have to put the ‘transaction no.’ on the front of the package every time.

Swapitshop - 0 Swaphut - 3

Is their a way to cheat the system? - OK, so this bit is really written for the advantage of Swapitshop which is lagging behind somewhat. But it is a valid point nevertheless that you can take advantage of the system in a way because of the points basis. For example - I swapped a DVD for 2000 swapits and then managed to get about 4 CD albums in return for the same amount.

Swapitshop - 1 Swaphut - 3

How easy is it to swap things? - Obviously a major point! I would say that on the whole Swaphut has a better selection of things to choose from and you can choose a particular person you trust and then go from there. However, the main flaw on this site is that both people have to want something the other has, which is not always an easy thing. It seems like on Swapitshop you are capable of doing far more swaps with the swapit system because it is only a case of you wanting something, then bidding for it. Time for a late Swapitshop comeback?

Swapitshop - 2 Swaphut - 3

Nope, ‘fraid not! Seems like Swaphut has pipped it to the post on the most important issues I can think of. I guess I could go through how easy it is to use the sites and the like, but I think that from what I have left out both of the sites are evenly matched.

In conclusion, from the points I have allocated it seems like Swaphut may have won. However, for those of you who do just skip to the end I would suggest checking where they won them to decide which one best suits you. I personally feel that the fact that Swapitshop works in points and it is a lot easier to swap more items probably earns it the right to an extra point and thus, to add a twist to the tale (just for a laugh) I say it finishes:

Swapitshop - 3 Swaphut - 3

Who cares about being fair? And anyway, I get to make up the rules in my own opinion. Alright?!


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Comments on this review

  • MRSCANADA published 25/06/2002
    Nice review...but I don't buy on line..LL
  • angel6985 published 19/05/2001
    In general I find this quite helpful however as a regular swapitshop user I disagree on your recommendations for the minimum values to place an item - normally an album CD only starts @ 100 ~ 500 swapits depending on the artist's popularity and a DVD costs from 500 onwards.
  • 15091983 published 10/05/2001
    Good Op. I was joined up with both site but only still visit Swapitshop regulary! I think it is more user friendly and easier to send off swaps! Thanx for the op.
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