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... How do i get it? It is simple to get this service, all you have to do is log on to their website at,then scroll down until you see a rectangle box on the left hand side of your screen,then you have to register your details by clicking on register, in ... Read review

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Community Level 1risky78


Free messages from teletext to mobile

AdvantagesIt`s free

Disadvantagesyou get small adverts with your messages

"A new service from teletext has become avaliable to anyone in the uk who owns a mobile phone and it`s great, why i here you ask, well for a start its abslutely free, it can be used on any mobile phone on any network and setup only takes about 10 minutes. What is it? It is a great new messaging service providing you with information that appeals to you ie:you are at work on a saturday afternoon and your favourite football team is playing but you ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardjmeek


Simply the Best Information Site in All Ways



"We all know and love the traditional teletext system found on all televisions nowadays but the company have now produced This site is rather useful in comparison to its blocky sister. As with normal teletext this site provides very up to date news, sports news, current affairs, financial news as well as the normal teletext games. You can search for late holiday bargains and book online. You can check cinema times by location and ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


From telly to net

AdvantagesLots of news and current affairs


"Teletext can now be found on the Internet, as well as on your television screens at This is a lot better than the telly version. For one thing, it's a lot faster! And no more pressing in the page number you want! All the usual things can be found here, like holidays, the latest news and what's on TV, and the lottery numbers. Along with the latest weather reports as well. At the top of the homepage is a list of headings to choose ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sajjadali


Let Telextext, Help you!

AdvantagesGreat Advice

DisadvantagesThey recommend to make a profit so might recommend or over sell something

"Teletext Holidays is a website by Teletext popularly known by many from television. They basically tell you where to get the best deals for holidays - whether what or where that may be. They also have a series of competitions running on their site as well as some travel guides on how to get the best price and shows comparisons for prices as well. The website is very professional and extremely easy to navigate. The website works well with the theme ..." Read review

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Community Level 3johanna18


Booked it, Packed it!



"I have used teletext for holidays since 2000. They offer some excellent last minute deals and are great for setting a bench mark before searching further. I have used various companies through Teletext to book both package holidays and flights and they have all been fine. You can look at Teletext holidays either through the TV or on the internet site. I have to say i prefer the internet site as you can search using options such as date, board, ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 14/03/2001

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