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Community Quote The holding Company also owns, the only rival. However QJump does not offer the full range of Virgin fares, eg first class upgrades, and does not always offer collection from a fastticket machine at a station, which I find rather convenient You can also get ... Read review

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Community Level 4mark-south...


could be so much better......

Advantagesgood for travel planning and you can't get to a station

Disadvantagesunreliable, no effective competition

"I know loads of people have already reviewed thetrainline, but I think this is a good case of changing Consumer expectations - two years ago I would have rated this excellent but I don't think it has kept up with the best This is illustrated by an experience I had yesterday. I don't want to bore you, but the bottom line is that it would have been far quicker visiting a station and queuing in-line for a ticket thetrainline is a joint venture ..." Read review

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A green light for!

Advantageseasy to use and convenient

Disadvantagesextra charges

" of travelling, someone recommended to me so I thought I would give it a go! Before writing this review, I was just scouring some of the very negative reviews written about the trainline previously and I'm wondering if they have completely reviewed their service, as my experience was pretty positive although I do have one or two niggles. First, a little about the site itself. It is apparently the largest independent retailer ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rosycn1979


Great Web Site but Charge for Credit Cards

Advantages easy to navigate web site

Disadvantages charge for credit card payment

"I have been using thetrainline for quite a while since I work in another city and travel frequently during weekend. But as it introduced charging fees for credit card booking, I switched to virgin. But still most time I check tickets on thetrainline. Generally speaking, apart of credit card charge I think this is a quite good web site for booking train tickets. Even after I switched to virgin, I found it was powered by thetrainline. And I can use ..." Read review

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Community Level 6markd_uk


If Only The Trains Were This Quick

AdvantagesNo queuing, good prices, quick service, simple

Disadvantagesyou're going to be using a train!

"...The latter part is where excels. is one of those sites that works due to its elegant simplicity. It professes to be nothing more than a website from where you can purchase train tickets; it's as simple as that. There are spin-offs from the site, understandably, that allow you to book UK Hotels or theatre tickets at the sister site, and their online store offers car hire at your destination and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4LostAngel


Good habits do pay off

AdvantagesBook from the comfort of your home. Saves time and money.


"...option at all. The site is owned by Virgin trains and it’s the same thing if you book through or as you only have to register once and your same account is valid for both sites. The only difference is that on you can book for any train company. It’s always better to check out the virgin site first as there is 90% chance that you’ll find a special offer. Few months ..." Read review

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Type Online Ticket Booking
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 07/06/2000

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Cheap prices, simple website, good features
Foreign call centre (*)
Inuitive website and booking system, plenty of information
A lot of add on costs, attempts to sell to you and some misleading T&Cs (*)
Nothing really
No trusthworthy, hard to contact, you have to pay in advance (*)
Cheap flights and car hire
1% surcharge for using a credit card (*)
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Nice staff and unbeatable value!
Make sure you check your booking details! (Update on this at the end...) (*)
MANY (*)
Easy to Use, Offers Great Advice, Read Before Your Book!
Covers only Europe, Mainly Canaries, Spain & Greece. (*)
Poor customer service, shady pricing tactics (*)
Quick and easy to use site
None yet (*)
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One stop shop, good prices
Inflexible, the annoying pop-ups (*)
Excellent prices, good value, efficient search engine(*)
Good Site, Great Articles, Great Reviews
50/50 reviews of Hotels in America, It hasn't helped me choose what hotel I want to go to (*)
Easy to book your tickets online
Not easy to actually get the tickets in time (*)
A great website for anyone in London
None! (*)
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