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Casio FX-83ES


Product video review of the Casio FX 83 ES by jameswildi on 03.04.2007

Great scientific calculator for students in exams running of solar power no need to worry about it running out

The Slimline Playstation 2


Product video review of the Sony PlayStation 2 - Slimline Model (PS2) by kingchris on 09.03.2007

The slimline Playstation 2 came out a few years after the original Playstation 2. It has many advantages over the original PS2, one been it is much, much smaller (hence the name Slimline)!

Star Wars Mcquarrie Darth Vader Action Figure Review


Product video review of the Hasbro Star Wars 30th Anniversary Wave 4 Mcquarrie Concept Darth Vader by Natonstan on 06.10.2011

Advantages: Design, Articulation, Accessories
Disadvantages: none

The Star Wars Mcquarrie Concept Darth Vader Action Figure Review.

Star Wars Mcquarrie Snowtrooper Review


Product video review of the Hasbro Star Wars 3.75 Inch Basic Figure - Mcquarrie Series Snowtrooper by Natonstan on 26.09.2011

Advantages: Design, Articulation, Packaging
Disadvantages: none

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Mcquarrie Concept Snowtrooper Action Figure



Product video review of the I-Car by leofluffy69 on 19.09.2007

The I Car is a great gift for any gadget collectors. It acts as a set of speakers and the car bounces, sways and flashes to the beat of the tunes.

Once You've Had Mac Theres No Going Back.


Product video review of the Apple MacBook - 13.3" - Core Duo - MacOS X 10.4 - 512 MB RAM - 60 GB HDD by haddaz on 03.11.2006



Product video review of the Nclarke NCD86 by leofluffy69 on 11.10.2007

The Nicky Clarke NC86 hairdryer is simple but very effective. It can dry long thick hair in less than 10 minutes - very useful and stylish!

Nokia 8210


Product video review of the Nokia 8210 by jameswildi on 23.01.2007

Very Simple and easy to use mobie

Expand your laptop's connectivity


Product video review of the Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 TetraHub - hub - 4 ports - desktop by PriyanPhoenix on 19.01.2007

A sleek 4-port USB hub with its own power supply allows you yo expand your laptop's connections when at a desk. Has some minor heat issues but otherwise a great expansion.

Air Wick 2 in 1 Air freshener - Apple and Honeysuckle!


Product video review of the Air Wick 2 in1 by Thehonesttruth on 10.07.2007

Liquid based room freshener

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