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Sony Ericsson k800i: A mobile that thinks itís a camera that thinks itís a mobile!


Product video review of the Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot by petebrolly on 06.12.2006

Photokina 2006: We have a look at the K800i. Has a nice screen, and the games look nice too. Oh, and you can probably use it to call too..

LG KS360 Review


Product video review of the LG KS360 by zedos180 on 18.11.2011

Advantages: semi-touch screen, good slide out qwerty keyboard
Disadvantages: no 3g, not for everyone, feels a bit tacky

LG KS360 Review

Amazing phone, brilliant features: The Motorola MPx200


Product video review of the Motorola MPx200 by ollienewth on 24.10.2006

This phone is a remarkable phone with multiple features, and is based on the Windows Mobile software. An amazing product!

Motorola Razr - still sharp


Product video review of the Motorola RAZR V3 Handy by pb2007 on 11.02.2008

Advantages: Cheap, Stylish, Bluetooth, Easy to use, Cool
Disadvantages: Large, Poor Memory, Poor Quality Camera

Perhaps the most iconic clamshell design ever - now as cheap as chips! (Pre-pay approx £50)

Nokia 3310


Product video review of the Nokia 3310 by alexb123123 on 26.07.2007

A Video Review Of The Nokia 3310

Nokia 5200


Product video review of the Nokia 5200 by jameswildi on 05.07.2007

Great phone. A music phone supporting MP3, many exiting features.

Samsung U600


Product video review of the Samsung SGH U600 by jameswildi on 16.02.2010

Advantages: Sleek and Stylish. Easy to Use
Disadvantages: None, Its a all round good phone

Video Review on the Samsung U600. All the information you need on the phone in a short video.

My mini moto!


Product video review of the Motorola MOTORAZR V3 by leofluffy69 on 27.09.2007

superb small phone, stylish and sexy. Fits perfect in a small handbag/pocket. The sound quality when making/receiving is amazing. It is very easy to use.

The LG Chocolate phone review


Product video review of the LG 800 Chocolate mobile phone by kingchris on 07.03.2007

This is my video review on the stylish LG Chocolate Phone

Nokia 3220


Product video review of the Nokia 3220 by alexb123123 on 25.07.2007

A Video Review Of The Nokia 3220

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