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August Underground's Mordum


Product video review of the August Underground Mordum (DVD) by JosieFrench on 27.01.2011

Advantages: Special effects, pushes boundaries, very realistic, concept
Disadvantages: No plot, may disturb, controversial issues

My review/thoughts on "August Underground's Mordum" by Fred Vogel

The Unborn Video Review


Product video review of the Unborn , The (DVD) by ItsDannyYea on 08.02.2010

Advantages: Really scary and entertaining, also keeps you thinking.
Disadvantages: Some may find it to scary

This is my first video review, let me know what you think!

The Wrestler


Product video review of the The Wrestler (DVD) by atytyut2434 on 15.06.2009

Mickey Rourke plays an aging wrestler dealing with a hard life & facing possibly his final match due to health issues

The italian job


Product video review of the The Italian Job (DVD) by StudioD on 16.05.2008

The mini's are back in this remake of the classic 1969 movie, this is my first video review so please go easy on me, lots of hints and tips are great

Smokin Aces


Product video review of the Smokin' Aces (DVD) by ScottieJ on 08.05.2007

High Hopes, High Action, A Lot Of Confusion

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