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What's all the fuss over Nathan Drake? (Uncharted 2 Review)


Product video review of the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) by Shocksuspect on 04.01.2010

Advantages: Gorgeous visuals, suspense single and multiplayer modes
Disadvantages: The single player experience ends

This is my first video review for a game. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

The Perks Of A Not So Perfect Panasonic Percolator


Product video review of the Panasonic NCDF1 by Nar2 on 04.04.2013

Advantages: Sleek, stylish, permanent filter, easy to use
Disadvantages: Bulky size, lacks water gauge, a bit hyped up

Introducing the new Panasonic NC-DF1BXC - just a short video review.

One Of The Best PS3 Games


Product video review of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) by wass007 on 19.09.2008

Advantages: Graphics, Voice Acting, Gameplay, Music, Replay Value, Price
Disadvantages: short

This is a video review of Uncharted Drakes Fortune, developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment

Review of Remington King of Shaves Dual Track Shaver R605KOS


Product video review of the Remington R605KOS by Nar2 on 23.10.2012

Advantages: Quick charge, 30 mins run time, pop up trimmer, 3 shave head
Disadvantages: Not as close for shaving as Philips performance, noisy.

A Review of Remington King of Shaves Dual Track Shaver R605KOS

the Panasonic MC-UG522 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Product video review of the Panasonic MC-UG522 by Nar2 on 03.06.2013

Advantages: Powerful suction, lightweight, good handle, stylish
Disadvantages: Some poor plastics, pricey small bags, pivot floor head

An indepth look to the new Panasonic upright, launched to market in June 2012

How The Sebo Felix Works For Me!


Product video review of the Sebo Felix 9802 by Nar2 on 20.06.2013

Advantages: Quick, quiet, long travel, easy for hard floors & carpets
Disadvantages: Uses a dust bag, slightly heavy and can be pricey

An indepth look to the SEBO Felix Upright Vac.

We\'re Rocking All Over the World


Product video review of the Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS) by dan_the_turbanator on 23.09.2008

Advantages: Graphics, multiplayer, hardware intuitive, decent music
Disadvantages: Major hand cramp, some poor songs, bit short

First video review on Ciao of Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS. Ignore the production values- unfortunately Spielberg doesn\'t do reviews of DS games so you\'re gonna have to accept this. Cheers

The Best Alternative To The Oreck Upright!


Product video review of the VAX VCU-02 by Nar2 on 18.04.2013

Advantages: Light, easy to push, easy to assemble, can be cheap to buy
Disadvantages: No hose & cleaning tools, upright only, uses a bag

A quick look to the Vax VCU-02 Commercial upright vacuum cleaner

A Bargain Bissell That's Better Than Gtech?


Product video review of the Bissell 29L9 Perfect Reach Sweeper by Nar2 on 23.07.2013

Advantages: Quieter than Gtech, well made, easy to empty, easy to move
Disadvantages: Doesn't swivel like Gtech, can leak dust

Video review of the Bissell Perfect Sweep cordless sweeper 29L9.

Samsung SGH-F480 Review (Tocco)


Product video review of the Samsung SGH-F480 by Supergirl2022 on 20.05.2009

An in-depth review of the Samsung Tocco

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