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Casio G-shock AW-591 AER Review-is it really that rugged?


Product video review of the Casio G-Shock Chronograph Watch AW-591-2AER by zedos180 on 16.11.2011

Advantages: amazing durability, works seamlessly, comfy, stylish
Disadvantages: very chunky

Casio AW-591 AER Review

Casio fx-85 MS


Product video review of the Casio FX 85 MS by jameswildi on 25.01.2007

The amazing fast scientific calculator

Cheap, white and nice blue display


Product video review of the SanDisk Sansa c240 by un on 25.09.2006

The Sandisk Sansa MP3-Player with external battery rocks your ears.

Ciao - Means more than Hello and Goodbye!


Product video review of the by gt5952 on 21.11.2007

Well, What about Ciao eh? here it is!

Coke Zero has many uses


Product video review of the Coca-Cola Zero by powellandrew on 22.03.2007

Featuring the new Coke zero, used as a tennis racket, as bowling pins and exploded using mentos.

Compaq Evo N600c Laptop - Just cant break it


Product video review of the Compaq Evo Notebook N600c by gt5952 on 02.11.2007

A overview and visit around the laptop, some advice how to keep it working when in the hot or cold!

Crysis - Try and beat these graphics!


Product video review of the Crysis (PC) by haz633 on 19.02.2009

Here are some snapshots of gameplay from Crysis, as far as I know it is the game with the best graphics. Just to emphasize how good these graphics are, the game cannot be played on PS3 or XBOX360.

Cyber Shocker Review


Product video review of the Cyber Shocker by ollienewth on 27.03.2007

In this review we have taken this remote controlled toy and put it through it's paces, seeing just how good it is and have tested it to destruction.

Da Bomb - The Saboteur


Product video review of the The Saboteur (PS3) by Siren25 on 07.12.2009

Advantages: Trophies, free roaming
Disadvantages: No multiplayer, can be a bit repetive

Irishman stuck in Paris in the 1940's during the 2nd World War when the Nazi's have invaded France. You as the plucky irishman Sean Devlin helps the French resistance.

Design meets power


Product video review of the Apple MacBook Pro - 17" - Core 2 Duo - MacOS X 10.5 - 2 GB RAM - 160 GB HDD by sharky05 on 09.07.2008

Advantages: Design, powerful and efficient
Disadvantages: Can run hot, can\'t play mini-dvds

My thoughts and comments on the macbook pro. An extremely beatiful, reliable and powerful machine (not in that order!) that, if you have the funds, will meet all your computing needs.

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