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Compaq Evo N600c Laptop - Just cant break it


Product video review of the Compaq Evo Notebook N600c by gt5952 on 02.11.2007

A overview and visit around the laptop, some advice how to keep it working when in the hot or cold!

Poor beyond a beggers belief!


Product video review of the HP iPAQ Hw6515 by gt5952 on 18.10.2007

My video of woe, yet the little trooper works on

Bt Hub Phone 1010 - A glimpse


Product video review of the BT HUB Phone 1010 by gt5952 on 18.10.2007

A video showing the very basics of the Hub phone, giving a bit of reassurance to prospective buyers

ga ga over this radio!


Product video review of the Mikomi DRF 350X by leofluffy69 on 17.10.2007

Mikomi DAB is very useful in areas with poor radio signal. Easy to use with radio information displayed on LED display.



Product video review of the Nclarke NCD86 by leofluffy69 on 11.10.2007

The Nicky Clarke NC86 hairdryer is simple but very effective. It can dry long thick hair in less than 10 minutes - very useful and stylish!

Electronic personal ATM


Product video review of the Science Museum Science Museum ATM Savings Bank by leofluffy69 on 10.10.2007

A mini ATM to help you save up some money for that new pair of trainers, new MP3 player or that night out you really want. Very easy to use and entertaining.

Harrys Best Adventure


Product video review of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6)[Children's Edition] - J.K. Rowling by scotlandizdabest on 09.10.2007

A Very Basic review of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Very cheesy!

SONY PSP: Worlds Best Handheld


Product video review of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Slim & Lite by dhillona92 on 08.10.2007

The Sony PSP is a breath of fresh air to the hand held gaming world. Released by SONY it is the first of its kind to with all new features including music, photos and internet all in one.

My mini moto!


Product video review of the Motorola MOTORAZR V3 by leofluffy69 on 27.09.2007

superb small phone, stylish and sexy. Fits perfect in a small handbag/pocket. The sound quality when making/receiving is amazing. It is very easy to use.



Product video review of the Corgi Toys iCar Novelty Speaker by leofluffy69 on 19.09.2007

The I Car is a great gift for any gadget collectors. It acts as a set of speakers and the car bounces, sways and flashes to the beat of the tunes.

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