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Is it THAT extravagant!?


Product video review of the Boots No.7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara by dumplings on 02.12.2009

Advantages: the after affect is nice once dried
Disadvantages: rubbish wand and clumps

Testing out the new mascara from No 7, retail price at Boots is £11.50 came with an offer with a free eye test..



Product video review of the The Corn Queen - George Vernon by ontimepay on 18.11.2009

Advantages: unique book
Disadvantages: none

Merlin explains the his children's book and game

Ideal place to chill out and soak up the sun


Product video review of the Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort, Hurghada by Bluetoff on 22.10.2009

The Sunrise Royal Makadi comprises of many blocks of low level buildings spead across a large area divided by swimming pools and gardens

The Secret of Monkey Island: Video Review Edition


Product video review of the The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC) by Magrippinho on 11.09.2009

Advantages: Adventurous, Humourous, Citrus-fresh HD
Disadvantages: A few dialogue issues

LucasArts updates one of the most classic adventure games ever, but does the Special Edition manage to capture the original's charm?

great game


Product video review of the Fable (Xbox) by kakas2 on 29.07.2009

Advantages: u can have wife
Disadvantages: no

cool sound, cool story, cool game

Punch-Out!! (Wii)


Product video review of the Punch-Out!! (Wii) by Magrippinho on 10.07.2009

Advantages: Pick - up & play fun, relatively lengthy, endearing
Disadvantages: Very similar to the classics, sometimes tedious

With help from co-developers Next Level Games, Nintendo revives a criminally neglected classic and brings us Punch-Out!!for the Wii.

Sony PSP


Product video review of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) by AlexanderBanks on 29.06.2009

Advantages: Great graphics, sound and features
Disadvantages: None

A video review of the Sony PSP

The Wrestler


Product video review of the The Wrestler (DVD) by atytyut2434 on 15.06.2009

Mickey Rourke plays an aging wrestler dealing with a hard life & facing possibly his final match due to health issues

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick


Product video review of the Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick by Supergirl2022 on 25.05.2009

Advantages: High quality, Gorgeous tube
Disadvantages: Lips appear crackly

Review on No7\'s stay perfect lipstick in Number 55 Glace (Grace according to their website).

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush


Product video review of the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush by Supergirl2022 on 25.05.2009

Advantages: Good consistency, Nice scent
Disadvantages: Price

A review on soap&glory sugar crush body scrub

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