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published 04/06/2011 | sghawken
Member since : 31/10/2005
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in 2013 my life's direction changed, film reviews went out the window. I stopped watching them, and started making them. In 2016 while waiting for films to reach final edit, I found I suddenly had time on my hands.
Pro Write for yourself, about what interests you
Cons Some site users have less than perfect english
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"It Won't Make You Rich, But You Yourself Can"

I’m not going to lie; I’m a grubby little money grabbing git! Yes it’s true, don’t try and persuade me otherwise. Having been lured into the world of review writing via Ciao, I found the need to sometimes write outside the box. And on sites like Ciao, there are only so many categories you can write in.

I was lured to Triond by a couple of Dooyoo users, one of whom was the late great Jan Harper AKA Louie Jerome, who had supported the Israeli owned site since its early days. Jan promised me great things should I invest time and effort in the site; and to some degree this lady was absolutely right.

Triond publish articles to a number of sub-sites, Cinemaroll, Telewatcher, Healthmad, Writinghood, Webupon, Newsflavour etc. So you write your article, about whatever floats your boat really, and submit it to the category that most suits your articles theme.

At first using the site was very much like pulling teeth, the articles you submit there must be unique when you first publish them, so if you drag your articles from site to site you have to submit here before anywhere else, so plans of me moving me 3000+ articles to Triond were soon dashed, but hey-ho “them’s the breaks” as they say, and it was simply a matter of educating myself. So having started by publishing on Triond, I’d then move it on to other sites. Now while your article might earn you £1.00 on Ciao or Dooyoo, on Triond it might just earn you 3 cents, which as I said is like pulling teeth. But this is where so many Trion users go wrong, they look at the 3 cents, think to themselves “why am I even wasting my time” and peddle off… BIG MISTAKE! It has taken me over 3 years to get how to make Triond work for me, and while to some degree it has there are still flaws, but the rewards can be great!

Triond’s Plus Points

You can write about whatever takes your fancy on Triond, some write reviews, some write about news. From baking cakes to how to give the perfect hand-job; yes it’s a varied old site that never fails to surprise you.

When you write on Ciao and Dooyoo, to be honest it feels like a hobby, writing for Triond feels like a job. And if you choose to make it so, Triond could quite easily become a job. And furthermore if you are devoted, and eager to make it, Triond can earn you a wage, and a reasonable one.

The biggest plus for Triond that I know many people hate, is there is no compulsory need to read and rate the articles of others. This is something you do when, and only when you feel the need. It wont hurt you in the slightest; I read maybe 20 articles a month on Triond (for reasons I’ll explain later), each day though I still gain new “Fans” and new readers. The thing with Triond, is it’s not about getting members to read, its about getting those that are not members to read. And let’s face it, really is that not the way it should be?

Triond helps you to become a better writer; it gives you an amazing series of tools to do this. Rather like using Google’s Analytics service, you can see what has bought readers to your article; you can see the actual search terms they used to find your piece. You’ll also see how many people found you via those search terms. So when you are submitting an article, you get to input the perfect series of tags to enable the widest possible audience to find you. I love writing about movies, so one of my tags for example would be the name of the movie followed by the word review, because what you’ll find is that people type in the name of a movie and often the word review behind. Your tags have to be precise, if not Google will expel your work from the rankings. So say for example I had written about cuddly toys but used the tag “Big Breasted Women” sooner or later you’d not find the article on Google. You can also gain ground on whats popular in the world of the internet, by Triond giving you the most popular search terms that bring people to Triond’s family of sites. So if your following the money aspect this is the place to be.

Triond pay per click, but there is a little more science to it than that. They are analysing the page, and seeing if the click is legitimate, or fake. For example you could be clicking your own pages to get money. Obviously Triond are secretive about their process, otherwise you’d find a way to exploit it.

Google Adsense is a term you either love or hate; right now it’s my favourite two worlds in the world. Triond allows you to set up and integrate an Adsense account to your articles. So you have the opportunity to earn two-fold, firstly by someone clicking on the article, secondly from someone who clicks an advert in your article. If your unfamiliar with Adsense, its essentially advertising blocks, if someone clicks one of Trionds advert blocks, you earn a small percentage (this is where the money comes from) if they click one of yours however, you get the full revenue from the advert click. It’s Adsense that has become my brand new best friend, it’s like a relationship, it used to annoy me, now I love it.

Somehow Triond has turned me into a more credible writer, I’m getting tag lined on review sections of products, always a nice buzz, and getting freelance job offers probably every other month, some lead to great things, others go nowhere. It’s a sensational feeling to find that something you do as a hobby is accepted seriously, and appreciated. It also has its negative sides, write a negative review about something and the person behind that product reads it they can get quite nasty.

Triond’s Low Points

It’s sad, and yes they are trying but some people, whose first language is not English do have a tendency to publish using these online translation services, which ends up always amusing, but at times annoying. Imagine discovering the most read article on the site is utter gibberish, made successful by the correct use of tags. Others use the site to promote dodgy websites, or to show you how to download from illegal sources.

Triond publishes articles after they have been approved, very frustrating if you are breaking a major news story and it takes them 24 hours to approve it, by the time its been released its old news. Although in fairness I have found ways round this.

Triond themselves do pay poorly, however they always pay you on time, regular as clockwork. And while I say they pay poorly, you can increase that by pulling your finger out and making it work for you.

The Major Highs Of Triond

Here it is, the moment you have been waiting for. The secret of making Triond work is you, there is no such thing as a free ride. You cannot just publish something and expect it to happen for you. I know Triond users who have given up jobs, and write and publish their own work, while being very much a stay at home employee technically of the site. If you work the site, you have to social network, its absolutely imperative.

When The Scottish Herald a few weeks back published Ryan Giggs name, I was one of the first people on the case, my article was live before the BBC or Sky had reported it. I found out via twitter, and when I wrote the article I tweeted it. Imagine my shock when my first few hundred articles that got maybe 30 reads a most a day, suddenly turned me into a superstar. I use the Superstar title a bit loosely, but imagine watching as the number of people who were reading your article moved from a few dozen, to a few hundred, then a few thousand, in less than six hours. People are messaging you, looking for information, others are asking you to work on their sites. On the day that the news broke I was trending alongside Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas, not a connection I’d ordinarily like. My article became one of Trionds hottest articles, and the buzz was of course followed by the lull of how I was going to follow that up. I wrote a series of super injunction articles which earned me a few hundred reads a day. But then my biggest story broke, I caught a Twitter user releasing names of people who had super injunctions. While I never leaked names I wrote about the Tweets, and then the reads started, two hours before the major players ran the story I was being read. In 14 minutes from my article hitting the internet and the related tweet, I had received over a thousand reads. When the reads began to fall, I posted on Facebook and Twitter again, and the reads shot through the roof again.

So what does such a thing do to your earnings? From Triond I earned just under $3 for each article, so not exactly fame and fortune. It was not however until I went into my Adsense account that I almost made a mess of myself. Imagine going to your account one day and seeing £30 in it, and the next day finding over £500 in it. Of the thousands of reads, about 70 had clicked articles in my adverts, on the day s in question Sky was advertising and the RPC (revenue per click) was between £1.51 and £3 in value, depending on the clickers activity.

It’s not just the big news stories though, its anything you write providing it has the right title, right taglines, and is promoted by every social network you can. Twitter, Facebook, Newsvine, Digg, Stumbleupon and your own blog is generally the best order of promotion. Since I have been promoting my work more effectively I have found my daily revenues are between £10-£60, depending on the content, while the top end is less frequent the bottom end is easily achieved daily off two to three articles.

One more good side is referrals like Ciao, refer someone and earn from then too, which will of course boost your earnings.

So the major high, if you will; is that if you have something important to say, and select the right title and tags, then Triond can work for you. But if I’m to be fair, only in the same sense that your own blog or website might. Whatever the case, and whatever happens from here on out, I’ll always be grateful to Triond because it’s given me a window to realise more about myself, and what I write more so than I ever did. While I’ll look at my articles fully in the knowledge that my writing could be better, it’s more often about having the right thing to say at the right time.

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  • MarcoG published 17/02/2012
    Very interesting indeed...sounds marginally better than Squidoo lol
  • KarenUK published 26/09/2011
    I've just signed up. Do you get paid for photos too?
  • RazzaLazza published 17/06/2011
    Good to hear about your success on Triond!
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