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published 09/02/2008 | grafter123
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"OK if you only write for the love of it."

This is a personal opinion and no doubt others will disagree. is a travel website that offers helpful advice for those seeking information on hotel accommodation. destinations, attractions and for those wanting to supply such information. I had some dealings with Trivago after accepting an invitation to participate in the review writing process. I have to say that Trivago was not for me and hopefully I can explain why. as a member.

Initially I thought trivago sounded like a very good site to have some fun whilst earning a little pocket money. Well it shows you how wrong you can be, doesn't it?. There are many reviewers I have come across on other sites who seem to thrive on Trivago but I know of at least a couple of others who have been disappointed. Let me give a few details and you can decide.

Joning Trivago is pretty much the same as joining any of these review sites. However I did find the site a little tricky at first. Each member has a mentor and hopefuly this person should be able to iron out any difficulties that you may have. Of course this depends how good they are and their attitude.

My mentor was useless. This may sound harsh but it is true. Asking him advice on a couple of issues I received no help at all. Trivago pay for accepted photographs that belong to you, which you upload to the site. I found it very difficult getting the format right at first. I received no help when I asked my mentor but was offered advice from a couple of acquaintances from Eventually I sussed it out but only after much frustration.

The site basically is all about reviewing holiday destinations, hotels and attractions. When you first start on the site you are at a certain level which only gives you limited areas of activity. I guess this is to encourage you to stay active on the site. As your points grow you are are given higher status and more powers. However, what you find is that the members with the higher status will constantly interfere and this may reduce the points you are allotted and your earnings. It is possible to work your socks of and actually end the month with less income than you started with. This is all to do with the amount of activity there is one the site and various other factors I think.

However, as I have nothing but a negative opinion of this site, I shall not go into the details, because much of it remained a mystery to me. I shall just say that the reward system offers points and cash. The points are awarded for certain tasks that you may do such as review a hotel or add one. The cash that comes along with this is a bit vague and fluctuates strangely. As you progress through the levels you are given more options. This can lead to those in a higher ranking having powers which enable them to decimate your opinion and shatter your confidence.

At the start I was posting some items incorrectly through lack of knowledge. I kept receiving snotty comments from various people until eventually one soul realised that I did not know what they were talking about or where he was referring to. People were actually posting me comments which I had never even seen or realised existed. Still, despite things becoming clear the whole site had become nothing but one big chore to me. I spoke to a fellow reviewer about the site and she agreed with the problems saying that she had found it just the same. The difference was this lady had sensibly decided to quit before me, and before she had invested too much time and energy into trivago. She had insisted her work was removed and succeeded. I was not so lucky.

Still I did copy everything of mine before I finally left. Emailing one of the leaders of the site I explained that it frustrated me so much to have someone alter a hotel review when I had actually stayed at the hotel and knew my review was accurate. It would appear that some reviews are not from personal experience and so members would amend because of the information they had gleaned from the Internet.

So, if you want to join go ahead, but be warned it is not a very straightforward site for assessing your earnings. Members do receive payment for referring new members and I suppose there is money to be made here. I think payout is once you have earned 15 pound and is made the end of a month. I earned about £9 the first month, after much work, which was carried forward to the following month. However, once I was up to about 5 pound the next month my earnings started decreasing. A lot of this is to do with how much activity there is on the site by you and other members. So, I actually quit without earning a bean and my work is still on there earning them money. However some members actually seem to make quite a lot of money but I wonder what they have to give for this in time and effort.

I know that when you first join a site such as your earnings may be small. However it does not take long for these earnings to grow. Your reviews on Helium continue to grow long after you have written them plus there are plenty of friendly faces on Helium to offer advice. Also their is not the pressure of having to join the community that there is on Trivago. as a travel information site.

There are some really good articles and photos on Trivago detailing destinations, attractions and holiday accommodation. The problem is that some of these are written by people who have not stayed at the hotel, for example. This means that in reality it is no different to any other website promoting its accommodation.

The site is German based but has many versions in different countries. It may be that if you travel a lot the site will be good for sharing your experiences and earning a little money. I am told that the site has changed in recent months and improved. However, for me, I am not prepared to risk it and waste my precious time.

So basically, as a site to read it is interesting, but as a site to write for, no-way, springs to mind.
Thanks for reading
(C) Eiley2009

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Comments on this review

  • grafter123 published 18/04/2009
    Just catching up and have only just read the comments. Koshkas's really shows what the people on that site are like:)
  • frankiecesca published 20/04/2008
    I too was confused by Trivago when I first joined and don't earn a overly huge amount on the site as I don't spend as much time on there as I do on other reviews sites but as a lot of my reviews are travel related anyways I tend to find that it's worthwhile adding them there too. If you don't have a lot of travel stuff it's probably not as worth it as other review sites!
  • chattell published 24/02/2008
    Dont think I'll bother with yet another !
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