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Review of "uproar.co.uk"

published 26/07/2001 | Manx
Member since : 09/08/2000
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Pro Fast, Free, Fun, Friendly. Oh yes: money
Cons Addictive. Not won yet.
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"Lie for Money"

Here at Ciao we set about building a portfolio of well-written reviews in the hope that those ten pence and two-penny pieces will start to build up. Although you might find the occasional review that states “I test drove this car for a few hours” or “I played this game at a friend’s house once” most of the opinions on the site are honest and written by people who know what they’re talking about.

Imagine my smile when I found a game that invited you to try and trick someone else into think you’re a famous (or not so famous) personality. The idea just tickled me. Imagine how my smile grew when I discovered that if you did well you had a chance of winning £100 a week.

Imagine how I hooted in joy when I tricked a full house of other players into thinking I was the real Bagpuss.

“To Tell The Truth” is just one of many prize winning games on Uproar.

If you’re a fan of Game Shows then you’ll be pleased to discover that you can also win (in different prize draws) cash by doing well at Blankety Blank, Catchphrase or Family Fortunes. If you’re not a fan of Game Shows then you’re not alone – I don’t like them on TV. They’re surprisingly fun when you’re playing online against other people though. I suspect most people don’t even play for the money.

If you don’t like Game Shows in any shape or form... well, that’s no problem. You’ll find something that’ll take your fancy in the word games or casino section. No? What about Bingo? Did I mention the Sports game section or the Trivia questions? I know I’ve not mentioned the Arcade or Teaser game sections.

The above are just categories of games you’ll find in Uproar, not the whole list of games available.

Not all the games are prize draw enables but most of them are. It seems to be the case that the multi-player games are more likely to win you prize draw entries than the other games. The way it works at Uproar is that there are a number of different prize draws each and every week. The amounts of cash up for grabs vary and each draw is unique to the different games. If you do well in any game over the course of the week then you’ll have more entries into the prize draw, but even if you’ve just played once you have a chance of winning.

The games are good too. I mean, you’ll find that they’re all well designed, playable, fairly fast and friendly on the eye. The technology is impressive to. You’ll not need to download anything onto your computer to enjoy Uproar since all the games (that I’ve noticed) use Java applets.

Most games have their own chatrooms too. Again Uproar.co.uk use Java Applets to provide pop-up boxes where, should you want, you can chat to the other users while you play. It’s often the case that people will just ignore the game running in the background and keep chatting away (thanks for being easy to beat, guys!) and there can be quite a little community of friendly faces (well, names at least) that builds up around the various games.

The Uproar site is nice and clean to. Yes, it does use Frames but it uses them in a sensible way. It list of games you can play is never more than a click away while you’re surfing the site. Once you’ve found somewhere to play then, if needs be, the screen will open up to give you all the space you need.

The server is fast too. I play Flipside as well but I often get bored to tears (and give up) at the speed of their computer. Rather, I should say, at the lack of the speed of their server. Uproar runs Microsoft-IIS/4.0 on NT4/Windows 98. Mean nothing to you? Okay, Intel and Burger King also use NT4/Windows 98 servers for their webpages. The Nasdaq Stock Market and Ferrari use Microsoft-IIS/4.0 for their page servers. Hurm. Just take my word for it – it’s fast enough.

There’s not much about Uproar that I would change. I think the site has a good layout. I think it is easy to use. I think it is fast enough. I like the way that once you’re joined Uproar you can go straight into play UproarLotto. Perhaps the one thing I would change is that they don’t tell you when you loose. I mean, it may sound mad but I’d like an email every Monday that said “Sorry, you didn’t win.”

Uproar and Flipside merged a few months back. This means that you’ll get an awful lot of cross advertising on the two sites. Flipside’s mega popular WordOx is pushed heavily on Uproar. They’ve not yet co-ordinated so that you only need to subscribe to one site in order to play at both you. If you’re already a member of Flipside you’ll still need to join Uproar.

It’s easy to join Uproar as well. They simply need the most minimum of details about you. Since they’re not a consumer site they don’t care whether you drive one and half cars and feed computer games to your cats while on holidays in Turkey. A special feature about Uproar that I like is that you can change your User Name should you want to. If you get bored of being CiaoUser2000 you can change to CiaoUser2001. I’ll be happy to send people invitations as well – just email me. There’s already a growing collection of Ciao Users who’ll you find haunting various games.

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Comments on this review

  • hippykiller published 05/04/2005
    looks like a good web site but it was uproar.com and not uk
  • sdwill published 24/04/2002
    I really like this site too.....you explain it very thoroughly! I used to be addicted to Catchphrase - didn't win any money and there are plenty of people who must play this for hours at a time to get to know all the phrases! Very helpful op.
  • nicolap published 25/11/2001
    Will have to go see what this lying game's all about. Haven't been on uproar for ages, but quite fancy a play. Good op. Nic. :)
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