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...urbis.com after being referred through myspace.com What is Urbis ***************** Urbis is a community website for writers, whether you are a seasoned or published writer or just starting out. Urbis is an opportunity for creative people to share with other like-minded people and to gain ... Read review

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Community Level 6ally2kc


To Urbis and back

Advantagesgreat criticism, advice and support resource, democratic system

DisadvantagesAccessing the site can be slow at times

"Why I was interested in Urbis ************************************ I currently work as a Project and Recruitment Co-ordinator for a large engineering company. It is about as exciting as it sounds. Having passed the 30 year old mark, I am now harbouring dreams of accomplishing something in my life (my children aside of course); something that I can look back on with pride and a sense of worth; something that is mine alone. I have been frantically ..." Read review

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Community Level 1crystalline



AdvantagesMany, many - please see write-up

DisadvantagesNone that I can see.

"Having recently joined the Urbis.com site I can only say that it is absolutely fantastic. Members post and review each others work and it is organised in such a way as to be very fair, with all contirbuting, sharing equally. Highly recommended for those who wish to post their own work, receive reviews, encouragement and inspiration! All reviews are published also, so it is possible to read what others have said about a particular piece of writing. ..." Read review

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no banner ads, suitable for your non fiction/poetry writing
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(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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