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... The front page is at If you like the idea of uncluttered self-catering vacation travel staying in some of the best maintained homes from home, take a peek. These are properties you would love to own yourself. All styles, party sizes, locations and budgets are catered for. ... Read review

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VRBO - the place for holidays

AdvantagesGreat holiday ideas, lovely properties worldwide

DisadvantagesNone really

"No sooner has Christmas come and gone than it will be time to start thinking of the summer vacation. I have never been a one for the organised party or the package tour. I have always preferred to look after my own destiny and make all the arrangements myself. To this end I now book the family’s flights over the internet and wherever possible use e-tickets. I have loyalty cards with several airlines and a couple of hotel chains. Our family (although ..." Read review

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A really good experience

AdvantagesEasy to use, customisable, first class property


"I've used many vacation rental sites in the past - Homeaway, Holiday Lettings, even Tripadvisor - but I've never had as good an experience as I did with VRBO. For me, staying self catering offers so many more advantages as opposed to staying in a hotel or resort. VRBO makes choosing your accommodation super easy. The website itself is simple and very easy to navigate. As far as I know, the whole world is covered on VRBO - or at least, everywhere ..." Read review

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vrbo is still one of the better places to list/find a rental

AdvantagesVery popular with renters, particulalry in the US

DisadvantagesNot the cheapest option

"If you own a vacation home and want to list it on the internet to find renters, there are lots of choices out there and it can be confusing trying to find the right sites on which to list. VRBO is one of the longest established vacation rental sites and in the early days was the clear market leader. Although there are a lot more options now, VRBO is still on of the best places to list your vacation rental, particularly for US properties. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1floandsteve

Quick review of

"We also had a bad experience with VRBO, in Santa Fe, NM. We had used the site 2 yrs ago and stayed in a wonderful casita. Our Christmas/New Years rental this year was a disaster. The photos were deceptive; there were no drawers in the place. The shower and toilet broke during our stay. We are contesting our bill through American Express. I think VRBO is now used by owners who are only renting out properties. It might help to ask when you call to make a reservation is "Does the owner live in this Casita?" We were shocked to find that the website's "guest comments" do not appear AT ALL unless the owner approves.

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Community Level 1wilburmemo

Quick review of

"What is the point of submitting a negative review of a VRBO property when it has to pass approval with the properties owner before it can be posted? We just returned from our worst experience in a Vacation rental home ever and I have rented dozens of private homes off the internet for years. In our case it was property #94224 in QuintanaRoo, Mexico. A completely misrepresented property on the website and a total rip-off. Any property that has no feedback from prior occupants should be completely suspect as absolutely no one provided a positive comment and the untold negative comments are simply kept from being posted by the properties owner. VRBO only facilitates the rip-offs with this kind of inane policy.

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