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...weightlossresources.co.uk/, you are confronted with a welcome page with two main links - the 'enter' button and a link to the 'calorie counter' (a list of popular items products and their calorie contents). If you press the 'enter' button, you'll be invited to sign up for the free three-day ... Read review

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Fighting the Battle of the Bulge Review with images

AdvantagesEnter all your food and exercise and you will lose weight

DisadvantagesCosts money, times you out

"...few weight loss websites. Weightlossresources.co.uk (known hereafter as WLR) caught my eye - partly because it came up first in my Google search, but also because of its ease of use and functionality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Initial views and sign up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you first visit http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/, you are confronted with a welcome page with two main links - the 'enter' button and a link to ..." Read review

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Community Level 5spankygood...


Big is not always best

AdvantagesIt works if you follow the guidelines

DisadvantagesOccasional server problems

"I have had problems controlling my weight all of my adult life, and must have tried every sort of diet there is. My battle of the bulge is not helped by my career choice – I am a chef. I do have a BSc degree in Food and Consumer studies, and studied nutrition as part of this so I can’t plead ignorance as an excuse for being overweight. It was sheer apathy and laziness. ~~ My dieting history ~~ I don’t want to appear too self-absorbed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2victoria.c...


Not a fad, not a punishment...an excellent way to lose weight!

AdvantagesThe progress chart, the personal and realistic goal setting, forum, affordable, the whole thing!


"Having already done at least 5 different diets, I have always thought that the best way to lose weight is really the scientific way: reduce your calorie intake, increase your exercise. I've lost weight counting calories, but then put it on because I've never known how to maintain my weight after losing it. Now I believe I have the answer to all of my problems - www.weightlossresources.co.uk I came up across the website whilst searching for 'calories ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Cazz


WARNING I lost another 21 pounds unexpectedly...

AdvantagesInformative, accessible, low cost

DisadvantagesYOUR'E the one who has to diet!!

"***************************************************** UPDATE 22/8/02 - everything I said below about the usefulness of this site still stands, BUT when you unsubscribe remember to tell your bank to stop the payment - I didn't, trusting to them to stop collecting it. Only 7 pounds a month so it didn't leap out (amongst the hundred other items on my Visa statement over the summer pretty small fry LOL), but it all adds up. I'm sure this is sloppy admin ..." Read review

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WLR: Changing Lifestyle, Not Just Weight

AdvantagesEasy to use, changes the way you think about food

DisadvantagesTechnical problems with website, judgemental people on forums

"Weight Loss Resources I joined Weight Loss Resources (WLR) about two years ago after putting on a stone through comfort eating. I tried the 3 day free trial but knew that I would need the full subscription to get my eating under control so signed up for 3 months. Along with access to all areas of the internet I also received a booklet, and several small notebooks to use as food diaries, although I never used them as I'm on the internet more ..." Read review

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