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... But if you want a laugh and an amusing look at some regional quirks in UK speech, head over to whoohoo.co.uk. The site is very basic to look at, really simple to use, but loads of fun too. All you have do is choose the type of dialect you want to try from a list on the left hand side of ... Read review

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Localised Lingo

AdvantagesFun, easy to use, quick to load

DisadvantagesText message service disabled, needs more dialect adding

"...Tay Town speak!" Welcome ter whoohoo.co.uk de 'ome o' de regional translati, de answer ter all yer prayers, de ultimate aid in understand'n dat localised dialect. wanna be a cockney? er yew could try yer fork at an ali g impression. whatever yew want (well almost) it's e'yer at whoohoo.co.uk Yorkshire - "Welcome to t' Yorkshire Translator! Jus' type in' summat' tha'd like' ter seh un' this eer' site'll translate it fothy." Welcome ta whoohoo.co.uk ..." Read review

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Do we Scousers REALLY talk like that

AdvantagesGood fun

DisadvantagesNot sure the scouse translation is highly accurate

"Whoohoo.co.uk is a regional accent translator that claims to be able to translate any passage of text you enter, into a certain accent, I’m not really sure how accurate it is, but I put it to the test. So, me being a Scouser (someone from Liverpool, for the very few that are unaware or any of our foreign users), should have pronounced that like this: “Whoohoo.co.uk, is a regional accent translati, dat claims ter be able ter translate ..." Read review

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Community Level 7vinodgm


Do You Whoohoo

AdvantagesFree, Great choice of dialects, Pretty accurate in the translations

DisadvantagesOccasional case of inaccuracy but this has to be expected

"Whoohoo is a wonderful site that allows you to translate any text and emails into an interesting selection of dialects. Whoohoo is absolutely free and requires no sign up's or registration. It is also really very easy to use. First lets look at what dialects are available: 1) Ali G Translator 2) Cockney Rhyming Slang Translator 3) Irish Translator 4) Scouse Translator 5) Yorkshire Chicken Run Translator 6) Brummie Translator ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Louise90


Can you understand what the Scots are saying

AdvantagesTranslates different UK lingo


"Well, if you can't understand what the Scots are talking about, then your best bet would be to visit www.whoohoo.co.uk Different parts of England have different dialects, and sometimes it's a bit difficult to understand, isn't it? I mean, take the Geordie or Brummie accent! Sorry folks if you're one of them, some the real broad accent can sometimes be a bit difficult to dicipher! I'm from Norfolk, and sometimes even I find it difficult understanding ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 22/07/2001

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