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Search back in time and who will you find.

AdvantagesWasy to navigate, easy to view pages, good choice of membership fees. Lots of information.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

"...and pay an annual payment. This is my review on the site. Ancestry is a research site that has lots of things to search, such as Birth, Death and Marriage records, it also has reference numbers for ordering a certificate, and they are volume and page numbers and district of the event. You can order a certificate using these volume and page numbers by ordering them online and to be posted to your address for you to discover who where their parents ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sweetiebum2


Ancestry helped me make my Grandma smile!

AdvantagesVast amount of records available

DisadvantagesSometimes unreliable

"Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by history of some form or another and my own family history has been no exception. I have fond memories of sitting as a child spending hours gazing at the grainy photographs of the people with no names in my Grandma's photo albums, wishing that I knew more about them. Despite having a keen interest in my family tree it has only been in the past six months that I have started making a conscientious ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Lizamabug


Find your Ancestors without Leaving your Lounge

AdvantagesHolds a great deal of accurate information including original scans

DisadvantagesHigh prices

" without too much trouble. I pay a whopping £70 a year for my subscription to the site however if you consider how much it would cost me to travel to the national or even local archives once a month instead of using this site, I actually save money given how expensive this particular hobby can quickly become. I joined the site on the recommendation of several members from GenesReunited (see my older reviews). Ancestry is the only website I know ..." Read review

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Family History at Your Fingertips

Advantageseasy to use, friendly members, good customer services

Disadvantagesexpensive, cost of certificates

"...are hoping to find out. The same can be said of photos, as any within private trees will show up with a no entry sign on them, telling you to contact the photo’s owner should you wish to try and see it. There’s reassurance that no one, unless invited to your tree and given permission to see living people, will see your home page. Or indeed any page for any living relative. This is intended to keep your personal life just that, personal. This security ..." Read review

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I trace my ancestry back to a primordial globule Review with images

AdvantagesA huge repository of genealogical information. A 'must' for the serious amateur family historian

DisadvantagesSome may baulk at the price but given what you get it's reasonable

"...tree - and - the parent of Family Treemaker [FTM] - the widely used family history database software. The 2006 version of [FTM] is currently available for $29.95 WHAT DO YOU GET? Ancestry is a subscription site. It offers subscriptions on a monthly or an annual basis and within that there are a variety of databases that can be chosen. Enrolment is a simple matter and can be undertaken on line at either site (with payment in the ..." Read review

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Complete martial system - excellent for fitness & self-defence
...jack of all trades... master of none!!?? (*)
quick, relatively simple, plenty of clubs, effective
some poor instructors around, doesn't really deal with grapplers too well (*)
An effective martial art
You need a lot of training (*)
Covers only the things that work
Hard to find somewhere to train (*)
Full contact weapon based martial art without the pain (ish!)
Availability of Dojo, see the Dojo list at (*)
good for your body mind and spirit
makes you ache for the first few weeks (*)
it kicks ass
can be hard work (*)
Training mind body and soul
Motivating yourself to join a club! (*)
Loads - Fitness, learning defence, social.
Cost, time. (*)
Great cardio workout, fun, a full body workout, improves flexibility
Takes a lot of work & dedication (*)
Able to be practised by anyone, promotes health and spiritual growth, easy to learn
Not as stylish or impressive looking as Eastern martial arts, still relatively hard to find (*)
fun, good exercise, fun, sociable, club events, did I mention fun?
None (*)
Teaches good skills; learn through play
Not enough one-to-one tutoring (*)
Improved fitness, discipline, confidence... great fun
It ain't cheap (*)
realistic and proven, effective, benefits see opinion for more
no striking techniques, not many comps in the UK (*)
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