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Community Quote offer tobacco products at reduced prices so I ask myself is this legal so a bit more research is required. The first thing I thought was is this too good to be true so I checked out their FAQ page. The home page state…………………… About us Tobacco King has been supplying ... Read review

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Community Level 4lona


Is This Too Good To Be True

AdvantagesGreat if it's for real

DisadvantagesIt Could Be Illegal

"I stumbled onto this website after receiveing an email offering me cheap priced tobacco products. Now, all you non smokers will be against promoting smoking and I agree it is a filty disgusting habit but us smokers are addicts just like all the other junkies out there but don't receive the same sympathy. I wish I had never started smoking and thankfully non of my children smoke but in saying that I enjoy my fags and although I have tried to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1smitty2482


Dont use unless you like to lose money.

Advantagescheap if they arrive [mines didnt after trying once and not again]

Disadvantagescompany wont help,refund,partial refund if seized.Payment system is totally suspect

"Right here we go.My first review so please be kind.So i wanted to buy cheaper cigarettes online and i found tobacco king.Seemed cheap got a 10% discount which was nice.Website easy to use.Payment direct to a bank account was a bit dodgy i thought but now i realise its so you cant claim your money back unlike a credit card which you can claim a charge back [im sure theyre called that].The website keeps you upto date with the progress of your order ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carlbodman





"These guys are a bunch of con artists. I ordered two packages several months apart and got them no problem. The third time I ordered I heard nothing off them for several weeks and when they did reply they said they had not received my payment (THEY HAD AS I PAID BY BANK TRANSFER AND GOT RECEIPT). They eventually ' found ' my payment and said the goods were on way. Yes you've guessed it, they didnt I arrive, when I contacted them they said they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fatboynots...





"If you have any sence at all then you will not give tobacco king a single penny. They took £108 of my hard earned money and gave me nothing. They claim that they sent the tobacco and that the reason i hadnt recieved it was because customs had seized it. I phoned customs and they wanted a tracking number if i wanted to pay the extra tax to get my tobacco, Tobacco king conveniently send all tobacco as normal post or thats what they told me even though ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vicky1996


Online buying of tabacco

AdvantagesItc cheaper

DisadvantagesIs it illegal if for personal use?

"From personal experience its probably better to go for your own, tobacco but maybe the previous review was right it could be illegal?? which doesnt seem right in some respects if its for personal use you can buy whilst on holiday, we belong to eu?? so why then cant you buy abroad online for delivery to yourself for personal use. I expect customs will charge tax though if they suspect packet is tobacco, you hear of this happening. I feel that ..." Read review

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None as far as I can see
Cost me money and I cant even use their service (*)
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